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My Angel is almost 2!

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Angel was 22 months on the 24th of August.

It’s so hard to put into words or adequately express in a blog post the character and personality of our Angel. I’ve tried video taping her but even then she’s not her “normal” self when it’s just us hanging out playing. At times I’m convinced these updates are a waste but I know I will be grateful to have them when she’s older.

Let’s see…where to start.


Oh ya. Those eyes. To die for. I could seriously stare at her all day. Is that weird to say. She is just so beautiful. Even when her face is covered in spaghetti sauce or when she’s being bossy or throwing a tantrum. Her huge dark eyes and long eyelashes and delicate features. And the red hair. Oh my word. We still deal with people stopping us everywhere we go asking us where she got her read hair. This really bothers me. Does that make me a bad person? And I am totally serious when I say that everywhere we go we have at least one person ask us this. We now just smile, give a fake laugh and keep walking and don’t even answer them. I’m not sure if this will continue her whole life and if so what we’ll say. I want to say something like God blessed her with it but maybe that sounds stupid. I guess we could say, “Well her birth mom is Hispanic and has dark hair so probably not from her!” That would really throw them off, wouldn’t it (and that’s totally true by the way).

Anyway. That was a nice tangent wasn’t it.

She continues to talk and talk and talk and talk. I don’t think people believe me when we say she can say any word we say and pretty much repeats anything we say. And that she carries on conversations with us and we can understand everything she says.

I also worry that people think we share this to “show off”. And that’s not it at all. We really want to give glory to God. I’ve never shared details of Angel’s adoption and I don’t plan to now – that’s her story to tell – but I will say that because of her history there were some very serious concerns about her well being and whether or not she would have developmental delays – these concerns were why she was in foster care for 5 weeks. But God made it very clear to us that even though the future was uncertain that she was our daughter and we knew we would love and cherish her no matter what. And I think it’s just so funny that we had all these concerns and worries and here she turns out to be so smart and practically have a photographic memory! We still don’t know what the future holds but we know God is walking with us through it!

So anyway, we really have to work hard to keep her simulated because she gets bored so easy. I know that’s part of being an almost 2 year old too. We’ve been working on numbers for months and while she could count to 10 she would usually not count in order. But a few weeks ago she started counting in order and pointing to things as she counts. She knows her shapes. She still really struggles with her colors – although sometimes I think she’s just fooling us because every once in awhile she’ll get them all right but usually when we ask a color she’ll say “blue” every time! She’s really good with naming things – animals, objects, etc. If we tell her what something is she will usually remember it. She’ll look at a picture of almost any animal and know what it is. Tonight Pat was doing flashcards with her. They came out of the bedroom and she had 3 cards with her. Jaguar, tiger and lion – and was able to tell them apart. Stuff like that just blows our mind that she remembers little details like that.

Angel definitely struggles with change and transition. Alot of the struggle is effected by how hungry and tired she is. 5:00-6:00 pm and in the morning is really difficult because she wants to be held the entire time. Or every little thing makes her upset. It’s definitely a lesson in patience. And we really try to remember to prepare her for change, even little things. I’ve shared before I learned about the “2 more minutes” trick from my friend Anna. Basically we tell her “2 more minutes and it’s time to eat supper” or “2 more minutes and we need to come in the house”. Or if she’s playing at the playground “we’ll go down the slide 2 more times and then we’ll need to go”. This doesn’t always work but often it does. It’s also important that I tell her anytime I go anywhere or do anything. Maybe that’s normal for all 2 year olds – but I can’t just leave the kitchen and go into the living room (if she’s in the kitchen coloring or playing). I have to tell her where I’m going and that I’ll be right back.

When she’s tired or hungry – oh my word – talk about meltdown. At times she gets so upset she can’t control herself and just screams and screams. We’re working on ways to work through this. We’ve tried ignoring her. We’ve tried holding her and telling her to use her words. We’ve tried warning her with timeout. Sometimes each thing works great, sometimes not, it really just depends on the situation. We tried to pay attention to whether or not she is just really tired or if she’s just being a naughty 2 year old.

God has given me such a patience though, I give Him all the credit for that. There are definitely times when I lose it and need a time out myself but I really just love to be able to care for her and try to help her work through the times when she gets really upset.

Angel has the silliest little personality. She is such a teaser and loves to be goofy. She’s also a girly girl and loves “pretties”. But at the same time she’s a fiesty little thing and likes to wrestle. Just for the record she gets that from her big sister (the girly girly wrestling thing).

Anyone ever watch Monk? Meet Monk Jr, aka Angel. She is very compulsive about some things. Bugs for example. We have to kill every single bug we see. This is not good as we go outside and there are about 400 million ants crawling around on the ground. She’s also very particular about things being in order or in the right place. If something falls on the floor and she knows it doesn’t go there it’s important it gets picked up right then. Ok, she’s not quite as compulsive as Monk but she’d give him a run for his money.

She has a blanket that she must have everywhere she goes. And also a duck. This duck which according to Angel is the most precious thing in the whole wide word, was bought by Aunt Nellie at a rummage sale for 25 cents! She’s also pretty attached to her cup and VERY attached to her paci, which she only gets at bedtime and naptime. Although we do catch her sometimes sneaking into her bedroom to get a paci fix. At Grama Barb’s house the paci is kept in a little jewelry case and you can hear it open. I guess one day Angel went in the bedroom where the paci is and it was pretty quiet and so someone said to Angel, “put the paci back”. Angel said, “I don’t have it” and then a few seconds later they heard the jewelry case open and close. Little stinker.

Food – Angel’s most favorite thing. She’s just a little thing, you wouldn’t know that she loves to eat. She does eat very healthy and we’re so thankful for that. Her favorite foods are fruit and veggies. If she could eat cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, watermelon and cantaloupe for every meal she’d be in heaven. I really can’t think of anything she doesn’t like or won’t try. I feel guilty because if we’re in a hurry and need to pick up supper on the go I’ll get her a Happy Meal or something like that and she’d much rather have a salad!

Other things she loves:

Caleb – she loves her little brother so much.

angel and caleb

angel and caleb 2

Princess and Prince – this was a conversation we had the other day:

Me: “Angel, do you miss Holly (Princess)?”

Angel: Ya.

a few seconds later…

Angel: I miss Cody (Prince).

Me: Do you miss Timothy (Prankster) too.

Angel: Ya. I miss Tiffany.

Angel loves books. She loves big trucks and airplanes and motorcycles. She loves to walk on our backs. She loves to color. She loves to sing and dance and play the piano. She loves her play kitchen and every night cooks us a tasty treat! She loves her Grama Barb, Grama Susie, Papa Al, her aunts, uncles and cousins. She prays for them all every single night. She loves to pray – repeats everything Daddy says at mealtime and makes up her own prayers at bedtime.

We are so very blessed to have Angel in our life. Here are some more pictures that share a little bit more of this silly girl.

playing piano…

sorting Aunt Nellie’s makeup…

Mmm, watermelon and spaghetti

Such a big girl
in hat

Me and my Angel
angel and mommy


My December blessings

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Why December blessings?

Prince: my 20 year old step-son. A wonderful young man who lives on his own. He loves extreme sports…snow boarding, wake boarding, riding his dirt bike. In December almost nine years ago Prince was able to begin a relationship with his dad Pat and sister Princess. We’ve been so blessed to have him in our life!

Princess: my 18 year old step-daughter. I consider her one of my closest friends and we miss her so much now that she’s at college. She is such an amazing young women of God and I am blessed daily by her obedience and love of Christ. Princess was born in December!

Angel: Our first miracle baby – Angel is 22 months old. After many years of infertility and failed adoptions Angel was legally our daughter on December 17th and came home to us on December 21st. Our life has been blessed beyond measure! She is so funny and amazing and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

Caleb: Our second miracle baby – almost 9 months old and one that took us by surprise. Angel was just 6 months old when I found out I was pregnant. Caleb was born on December 17th, 2008. He’s a wonderful baby and brings us so much joy each and every day.

Pat: Our relationship didn’t start out ideally but God has seen fit to redeem our marriage. We were married on December 31st, 2002 and the Lord continues to bless us every day. We are so thankful!

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“…who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.” Psalm 103:3-5



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Waiting. There’s so much to that one little world. And doesn’t it seem like that’s what we’re always doing. Waiting for something.

We’ve been waiting for Princess to go to school the past few months. And dreading it. And now we wait for her to call or text so we can hear how things are going.

We’ve been waiting for our house to sell. Still waiting.

We’re waiting for Pat’s Jeep to breakdown. Knowing there are some problems with it but just hoping it will get through because we can’t afford to fix it right now.

We’ve been waiting for Caleb to crawl. He’s so close. It’s bittersweet because I don’t want him to become independent. But yet I do.

I waited 9 years to be a mom. I waited 2 years for Pat to come to know Christ. I’m still waiting for the feelings of failure from my past to be gone.

What are you waiting for? And what are you doing while you wait?

A few weeks ago Princess and Prankster came to us and asked us if we wanted them to focus on anything this next year in regards to their relationship, how they spend their time together, etc.

Pat told them to just live. To continue to daily seek God’s will. To have fun and enjoy this year at college.  And he had them read Matthew 6:24:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

But isn’t that exactly what we do while we wait. We worry. And wonder what the outcome will be. We question God and His timing and plan. We often decide to do it our own way because we of course know better.

Well, that’s what I usually do anyway.  Even though it makes the journey easier and more joyful when we release each day to Him. When we surrender our days to Him. When we keep our eyes and heart focused on Him and not on our process of waiting.

God’s Word is true and His Word tells us He will never leave us nor forsake us. His Word says that He created us and that He works together all things for the good of those who trust Him. It doesn’t say we’ll know what tomorrow will bring. It doesn’t say the road will be easy. It doesn’t say there won’t be hardship or heartache. But His Word does assure us of His love.

I’m waiting. I’m waiting on you Lord. And I am hopeful. I’m waiting on you Lord. Though it is painful. But patiently I will wait.


Tiny talk Tuesday

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I love listening to Angel talk. She is so funny. And has the sweetest little voice (most of the time). And makes us laugh alot!

As we were driving to Grama Barb’s the other morning:

Angel: Hi Caleb. Hi Caleb. Hi Caleb.

He says nothing because he’s 8 months old.

Angel: Dance Caleb Dance!


I get out a tomato for supper and Angel sees it. She loves tomatoes!

Angel: I want tomato.

I look at her and say nothing. Half teasing her and half waiting for her to say the magic word.

Angel: I want tomato.

I continue to just stare at her.

Angel: I want tomato. Look. Over there (as she points to tomato). I want that.


On the way to Princess’s college this weekend:

Angel: I want chocolate!

And a little while later:

Angel: I want some… I want some… I want some… I want something!


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