When the kids are gone…

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…me and Pat go on a date!

I was even able to convince Pat to do something other than our normal date – dinner and a movie. Now don’t get me wrong. I love me a dinner and a movie date. But it’s also nice to have a little variety.

And even though I totally bombed our first date with a camera I decided that I would take my chances and document this date also. My friend Barbara (the originator of a date with a camera) told me once, “sometimes dates are meant to be private”. Obviously this is not one of them.

We started the night by going out to eat at Mama Lada’s. It’s this tiny adorable restaurant that can only sit about 20 people. And they only serve enchiladas. But they are yummy good and it’s usually impossible on weekends to get in without waiting forever so going on a Wednesday night was perfect!

The first thing we had was chips, salsa and guacamole. I wasn’t a big fan of the salsa but the guac was to die for.


Here is my big finger dipping a chip in the guac.

finger in guac

I think this is right after I ate that chip. YUM O!

missy at rest

Here’s an action packed shot of Pat at the restuarant. Notice my creepy head in the mirror.

pat at rest

After we had our fair share and then some of chips, salsa and guac our enchiladas arrived. Intriguing don’t you think?

pat eating

The waitress who seemed to yell really loud when she talked came over and said “ARE YOU GUYS ROCKING IT?”

YES, WE ARE ROCKING IT JUST FINE THANK YOU. As you can see by our abundance of beverage.


When we got our ticket they brought over a basket full of miniature chocolate bars. I guess while you’re digging out your money you’re suppose to take a chocolate bar as a little dessert.

candy wrappers

Or four or six.

We then decided to walk around downtown for awhile.


Actually in this picture we were standing at the stop light waiting to walk around downtown. Don’t I look teeny tiny? (Not!) And doesn’t Pat look like a giant? (Like in a good way. A really a hot giant.)


We starting walking …


And found some interesting things.

A sculpture that I didn’t quite capture in this picture.

without turtle

Here he is…

with turtle

A really pathetic sign asking for help during Christmas.

christmas window



And more birds. Creepy birds. Birds circling ready to attack…

more birds

We were quick like though and made it to the Jeep. We then decided to drive around town and look at houses. But first we needed to make a pitstop.

Hubby: Where should we stop?

Me: Mom’s house is just right around the corner.

Hubby: Well that’s a CAPITOL idea!

Me: What’s that mean?

Hubby: I don’t know.

Ok then. We stopped at Grama Barb’s house and Pat proceeded to take about 68 pictures of me walking to the house, walking into the bathroom, walking out of the bathroom, walking out of the house and getting into the Jeep. I’m going to spare you the pain and not show you any. Except one.

Me pointing my big finger at Pat telling him to stop taking pictures of me.

big finger pointing

Isn’t it ironic how on our last date with a camera I was obsessed with my long neck. And now it seems I’m a little obsessed with my big finger. Is ironic the word? Maybe the right word is idiot?

Sorry. That’s not a word I should have in my thought closet!

Where was I? Oh ya. We left mom’s house and then drove around looking at houses. I was so excited when we drove by this house…

pink house

Because for two years I lived in a pink house. My dad worked on a cattle ranch and all the ranch hands – all 12 of them – lived in pink houses. It was so sweet. Although at the time I thought it was horrible and gross. Obviously with age comes the ability to appreciate beauty when you see it. Or not.

We drove around a little more and then went home to a very very quiet clean house. (That made me miss my babies even more.)

And that my friends, concludes this date with a camera part dos when the kids are gone.



One thought on “When the kids are gone…

    Teri said:
    August 6, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    OMG – I laughed so hard at this, Missy…particularly the “hot giant” part – you are too funny! Thanks for the smiles tonight! šŸ™‚

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