The one where Princess steals the Gilmore Girls

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We’ve had alot going on the past few days. Yet not really enough that would make for interesting blog material. But too bad for you I’m going to tell you about it anyway! Y’all know that the babies spent a few days with my parents last week. They were suppose to come home on Friday but we decided last minute to drive to my parent’s house and spent a day.

It was really nice driving there – a 2 hour drive that is usually torture. But this trip it was just me and Pat and we actually talked almost the whole trip. I KNOW! Normally we have 2 babies, one of whom talks non-stop and we also usually listen to a book on tape anytime we travel. But this time we didn’t have babies or a book on tape. And it was nice.

It was so great to see our babies. Angel came running out of the house saying, “MOMMY DADDY MOMMY DADDY MOMMY DADDY!” Sweet. We had a nice time at my parents just hanging out. Spent some time on the boat. Spent some time with my sister, brother and sister-in-law.  On Saturday there was a big event for kids with games and bouncy inflatables and lots of fun stuff. We went swimming and then Angel bounced in the big inflatable thing. She was so brave. There was this one little turd of a boy jumping really hard right next to her – and I’m pretty sure he was doing it on purpose trying to make her fly – but she just kept right on bouncing (and falling) and didn’t let it phase her one bit!

We were home Saturday by about 5:00 pm. I don’t think we did much Saturday night other than laundry, clean and play with kiddos. Princess got home at around 9:30 pm. She had been at camp for the past week and it was wonderful to see her and hear about her week. She leaves for college in less than 2 weeks and she’s stressed out about what or what not to bring. I can’t imagine consolidating two rooms/houses into one teeny tiny dorm room. So although I do encourage her to not worry, she can bring stuff later or we can take stuff home for her, I honestly can’t imagine how difficult it must be to decide what to bring.

One thing that she has already decided to bring is our dvd set of the entire Gilmore Girls series. I guess she didn’t decide. She asked if she could take it and although I was reluctant I said yes. I’m not sure how I’m going to function when I’m tired or don’t feel well or having a bad day or just want to watch some good cheesy tv. Because in all those situations it’s always the Gilmore Girls that I pull out.  So not only is Princess leaving us but she’s leaving us with the Gilmore Girls packed in her bag – could it be any worse? I suppose it could be worse if she was going to college in India or the Antarctica instead of 4 hours away in Minneapolis. But come on, let me have my pity party.

Well anyway we spent most of the evening on Sunday relaxing as Princess packed and went through stuff. Hubby was a cleaning maniac this weekend. He did ALL the laundry – and there was alot of it – plus he cleaned alot too. We have had a house showing every single day the past week. Although that’s very wonderful it’s also very exhausting having to have the house spotless practically every second of every day. I am thankful though because we’ve certainly developed some good habits – liking actually cleaning up after ourselves instead of waiting for the cleaning fairies to come take care of it. And it’s provided some good teaching moments for Angel on putting her toys away – and alot of temper tantrums too. Those haven’t been so good.

It is now late Tuesday night and I think I’ve been working on this post since Saturday. And it’s kinda funny because when I started it I had all this great stuff to talk about but now I’m not so sure what all that great stuff was. So unfortunately (or maybe not) we’re going to come to an ubrupt end. I have so many pictures to show you and so many other good things to talk about. Maybe some day.



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