Grocery challenge week 1 part 2

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Depending on how wordy I get this might turn into a three part post for Grocery challenge week 1!

First I wanted to share about my shopping trip to get groceries. We have two grocery store chains, Sunshine and HyVee in our town plus Wally World. I usually end up coming to Wally World because I assume things are cheaper there. I can’t really confirm that but I can confirm that I usually end up buying alot more than we probably need. Plus a whole lot of other stuff.  So this week I stuck with HyVee and Sunshine.

I also shopped the adds this week. It pays to do this. There are obviously trolls at each of the stores because they seemed to have the same things on sale – but HyVee had more things I needed on sale so I started there.

There really wasn’t alot I needed to actually make the food for my menu for the next 2 weeks. But there were alot of items on sale and also some staple items I was out of so I feel like I bought way more than I should have.  The one thing I struggle with is the buying when things are on sale-and stocking up. I’m never quite sure when it’s wise to do that and when it’s not wise to do that.  That is one thing I like about the Grocery Game. She knows the sale patterns and can basically tell you when it’s good to buy. But you have to trust her – which is hard – sometimes there are items on sale and it’s not listed to buy on the buy list. Well I guess I just answered my question about whether or not to stick with the Grocery Game – it kinda sounds like it does make sense and is a helpful tool.

Anyway – here’s my list of items I bought – this plus our pantry will get us through the next 2 weeks. And honestly when I look at my pantry we could probably get through the next 4 weeks no problem!

Brat buns $2.28
Rolls $4.74 – Ok this was a splurge – Princess came home this weekend and so I picked up rolls. Honestly pretty silly on my part because I could have easily made something at home for less than 1/2 this – will share more about this later.
Butter $1.68 x 3 – on sale so stocked up
Eggs $.99
Cheese $2.50 x 3 – on sale – name brand cheaper than generic. This is also an example of where it pays to figure cost. I originally thought the big pack would be cheaper but when I figured per ounce the big pack was actually $.20 more per oz because the little packs were on sale.
Frozen bread dough $3.99 – we’re going to start using this for our bread – I used to think it wasn’t saving money because we eat so much more. But even if we eat twice as much it’s still cheaper than buying a regular loaf of bread
Baking chocolate $2.89 – this was kinda a splurge – made dessert for Princess
Bush’s Beans $1.48 x 2 – on sale – cheaper than generic brand
Cheez It Crackers $2.10 – 50% off
Club Crackers $1.65 – 50% off
Cheerios $2.88 – large box 50% off
Instant rice, large box $4.18 – generic brand cheaper
Worchester sauce $1.09 – staple item but bought generic
Mac N Cheese $.58 x 2 – decided to try the generic, we’ll see
Canned tomatoes $.87 x 2 – generic, but still kick myself, I forget to check pantry for this item so we didn’t really need it – oh well, we’ll use it
Mayo $2.48 – bought Kraft because on sale, same as generic
Flour $1.88
Tomato sauce $.55 x 2 – generic, again forgot to check pantry
Pam cooking spray $2.59 – call me a cooking spray snob – this is one item I have to have name brand
Chewy Granola bars $1.99 x 4 – on sale, cheaper than generic, stocked up cause we go through alot of these
Skippy Peanut butter $1.38 x 2 – on sale, again cheaper than generic
Deli shaved ham $2.00 – on sale
1% milk $2.87
Whole milk $3.09
Cottage cheese $1.88 – generic
Pizza rolls $2.50 x 2 – usually buy name brand but trying generic
Bananas 2.52 lb x $.63 = $1.59
Cantaloupe $1.48 – on sale
Carrots $.88 – whole ones, not baby
5 lb Russet potatoes $2.48
Jalapenos $.99 – per Hubby’s request
Apples 2.02 lb x $1.68 = $3.39 – kinda expensive, didn’t see any on sale
Boneless chicken breast $6.28 – on sale $1.99/lb
Chicken legs/thighs $3.99 – on sale 10 lb bag

Total was $103 at HyVee. Not done yet though! There was one item at Sunshine we stopped to get:

Ground beef $1.49/lb – got 8 pounds so total was $11.94
Then realized we were almost out of sugar and lemondade –
Lemonade $.25 x 6 = 1.50
Sugar $1.99
Freezer bags for hamb $1.99

Total at Sunshine $19.79

That brings my total to $122.79. And leaves me with just about $30 for the next 2 weeks. Which shouldn’t be a problem because we’ll only need milk and maybe stock up on more fruit.

This is getting long so I won’t share recipes today. But I did forget to mention when I listed my menu that we do have other side items with our meals. Here are some common things we have:

Fruit – usually cantalope or apples
Cottage cheese
Rice, noodles or potatoes
Vegetables – canned beans or corn or frozen peas or california medley (carrots, broc, caulf)

I will make this into a three part post. In the next one I’ll share the recipes I use for the items on my menu and also some things I’ve learned about using leftovers.

Hope this is helpful to anyone reading it. I suppose if it helps even one person it’s worth it. It’s definiately helpful for me and I guess that’s what’s most important!

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One thought on “Grocery challenge week 1 part 2

    Dawn Becker said:
    September 7, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    I like that you’re doing this, Missy. We’re trying to tighten our belts too and so I’ve been trying to use up what’s in our freezer and pantry. I can always use helpful suggestions and money-saving ideas!!!

    Thanks for being so real on your blog – it’s so refreshing!

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