Not just routine

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Most days I feel like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day.

5:00-6:00 am – Caleb wakes up, eats and goes back to sleep.
5:30 am – alarm goes off – hit snooze.
5:40 am – alarm goes off – Pat takes a shower.
6:00 am – I take a shower and get ready for work.
6:30 am – wake up babies if they aren’t already awake.
6:35 am – babies lay in our bed for awhile to wake up and watch cartoons.
6:50 am – Shaun the Sheep is on Disney channel. Angel loves Shaun the Sheep and yells “Shaun the Sheep mommy!”
7:00 am – Ask Angel what she wants for breakfast. Pat starts to make eggs.
7:04 am – Angel meltdown.
7:05 am – Get babies into high chairs and fed breakfast. While they are eating finish getting ready and get diaper bag ready.
7:15 am – Rush Angel to finish eating.
7:20 am – Angel brush teeth. And rinse three times.
7:25 am – Get babies dressed and ready to go.
7:34 am – Angel meltdown.
7:45 am – Out the door.
7:55 am – Drop off at Grama Barb’s. Head to work.
12:30 pm (Wed) – Pick up kids to bring home and then go back to work – usually Grama Susie or Aunt Nellie watches babies in the afternoon.
12:30 pm (Thurs and Fri) – Pick up babies to bring to Gloria’s for the afternoon and then back to work.
4:30 pm (Mon and Tues) – Leave work to pick up babies.
5:00 pm (Thurs and Fri) – Leave work to pick up babies. Visit with Gloria. Get home at 5:30 pm.
5:30 pm – Start supper.
6:00 pm – Eat supper.
6:30 pm – Clean up. Babies play.
7:00 pm – Bath time.
7:30 pm – Play time and snack time for Angel.
8:00 pm – Caleb has last bottle and goes to sleep.
8:30 pm – Read books, pray and tuck Angel into bed.
8:33 pm – Go into Angel’s room and ask her why she’s crying. Pray again. Hug and kiss again.
8:40 pm – Pat watches tv or plays game. I watch tv or blog. (Although Pat’s started riding his bike at this time – what a stud!)
9:30 pm – Look at the clock and tell myself I should go to bed.
10:00 pm – Go to bed.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

For some reason this morning I was reminded that this life, each day we live, is not just routine. Although some days it might feel like it, I’m not Bill Murray in Groundhog Day living the exact same day over and over again. I’m not just going through the motions.

I’m living life. I pray that I’m living life to God’s glory.

I’m making memories. I pray that I’m making memories that my children will cherish for a lifetime.

I’m learning. I pray that I never quit learning.

I’m growing. I pray that I never stop growing closer to Christ and my loved ones.

I’m thankful. I pray that I never stop being thankful and never stop being in awe of all that I’ve been blessed with.

I’m grasping. Sometimes grasping for a sense of purpose. But most of all I pray that I never stop grasping the love of my Heavenly Father and the abundant life that I have through Him.



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