Caleb, 9 months

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Our little Pippy was 9 months old on the 17th. Here’s what he’s been up to lately:

As you saw here, he’s on the move. Big time. He’s all over now. He also started pulling himself on whatever he can pull himself up on. He especially loves to do this in the tub. He gets this mischievous smile on his face and then pulls himself up on the side of the tub and stands up and then laughs out loud. He’s hot stuff.

As far as food goes, Caleb once again thinks he’s hot stuff. And he thinks he’s all grown up. He refuses to eat any baby food other than rice cereal. And even that he doesn’t eat very much at all. He’s still having about 36-40 ounces of formula every day (yes I know, oink oink). He’ll have rice cereal or banana for breakfast. And then for lunch and supper he’ll have noodles, bread, veggies, fruit, chicken – basically little pieces of really soft food. He’s got like the worst gag reflex and so it stresses me out when he eats regular grown up food.

He also seems to hate any type of texture. Everything different we give him he gets this grossed out look on his face. He does the same when he touches things.   Here he is petting a puppy at the fair and not enjoying it one bit!

misc family pip crawling 09-09-09 082

Caleb loves to pound on things. He’s totally all boy. He’ll take his bottle or cup and pound pound pound. He’ll take any toy and pound pound pound. He’s even started pounding on his mommy. When we lay on the floor and wrestle with Angel he’ll crawl over on top of us and pound on us. It’s pretty funny.

misc fam 09-17-09 116

Angel and Caleb are still pretty good buds except now that Caleb is mobile and into everything, including Angel’s “stuff”, she isn’t too happy about that. She’s actually pretty patient with him and we’ll hear her say “NO CALEB NO!”. But she yells it real nice.

He’s started to be attached to his blanket. It’s pretty cute. He’s never been a pacifier baby and hardly every takes it. In fact when he’s tired or just wants his bottle he gets SO mad when we try to give him his paci.

The last few weeks he’s been a trooper as far as sleeping goes. By 7:30 pm he’ll start getting crabby and we try to hold him off til 8:00 pm. He’ll have a bottle and then he’s out and sleeps until 5-6 am!  The last two nights he’s fallen asleep at 6:30 pm and slept until 6:00 am! I don’t think that’ll last though as he’s just had a rough week with teething and having a cold.

We’re a month behind on his well-baby checks so I’m not sure his exact weight but by my unofficial weighing he’s at about 21 pounds.

Some other interesting things about Little Pip:

He loves to kiss his daddy. He will not kiss anyone else but he’ll kiss daddy (on the lips) over and over and over. Little stinker.

His hair is really long. And shaggy. And no, Hubby, we are not letting it grow out until he’s 2. In fact Aunt Nellie is coming today and Caleb’s going to get his first haircut!

He has two bottom teeth and two top teeth. And he’s slobbering like a madman so there must be more coming in. He also grinds his teeth. It’s really annoying and loud. But kinda cute too.

He’s wearing 9-12 month clothes, sometimes 18 month. He’s in a size 5 diaper, although that’s maybe a little too big but size 4 is too small.

He still has the funniest faces – one second he’s really somber and almost sad looking. The next second he’s laughing out loud.

He loves to cuddle and hug. We love that too!

He’s ticklish – all over. He laughs at Mickey Mouse. And his sister. He loves to bounce and jump and be held upside down.  He’s a funny little dude.

Here’s a somber look. Or maybe he’s just thinking deep thoughts.

misc family pip crawling 09-09-09 044

Found something interesting to chase after!

misc family pip crawling 09-09-09 063

My sweet boy.

misc fam 09-17-09 089



2 thoughts on “Caleb, 9 months

    Dawn Becker said:
    September 23, 2009 at 8:53 am

    My. Word.

    HE IS SO CUTE, Missy!!! Such a doll and what an incredible gift from the Lord.

    We HAVE to get together someday. I would love to meet your babies and see you again. Much love!

    Sincerely Anna said:
    September 23, 2009 at 11:28 am

    He’s such a cutie! It’s fun to read about what he’s doing now and I can hardly believe he’s already 9 months old.

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