A date with myself and other unimportant things

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The only thing we had planned this weekend was to do nothing. And then I decided Friday afternoon that we should work on potty training Angel. She’s been telling us when she has to go and so even though I was hoping to wait until we sold the house I figured I should get going on it.

We decided that Friday nights would be our “family night” – remember last week we got penny per ounce slushies? Well we forgot about the penny per ounce slushies but did get Little Ceasars pizza. And then watched way to many episodes of Phenius and Ferb.

Thus this post.

We also started some potty training Friday night. We don’t have a actual potty chair for Angel. Just the little rim thing that sits on the regular toilet. It took about four meltdowns for her to understand that she doesn’t get a treat (chocolate chips) every time she sits on the potty chair. She has to actually go potty. She couldn’t quite get that and so then I was questioning whether she really was ready to potty train. But then after awhile she actually did go potty on the potty chair and we had ourselves a very loud potty party with cheering, dancing and chocolate chips.

Saturday morning, we enjoyed another family tradition, homemade caramel rolls. And then about 9:30 am Pat decided to go on a bike ride. So the babies and I hung out, played and did laundry.  Oh ya, I also asked Angel about 400 times if she needed to go potty.  She did pretty good but it felt kinda forced. However we had a few potty parties Saturday morning too before taking a training break around 1:30 for naptime.

Pat got home around 1:00.   We decided it was such a beautiful day that we needed to go to the park. I also had a list of things to get at Target and so asked Pat if he would take the kids to the park and then I could go to the store. By myself.  Alone. Without the kids.

He’s amazing and agreed.  I made my way to Target and decided to splurge and spend $1.50 for a Coke and popcorn.  I would love to tell you that this little date with myself was amazing and relaxing and wonderful. Yes, it was kinda nice. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I was at the store by myself.  But it was also a little too weird for me.  And after about 8 minutes I missed my babies so rushed through the store getting what we needed (and nothing else! Woo hoo for self-control!) and got back to the park to find my Hubby and kiddos.

Saturday night we did much of the same thing we did Friday night. Nothing!

The babies slept in until 7:00 am on Sunday morning. This is amazing for our babies! They are both usually up by 6:00 am, 6:30 am at the latest. So it was nice to sleep in a little. We then went to church, got home around 12:30 pm, ate lunch, took naps, more laundry,  playtime, ate supper, playtime, baths and bedtime for babies.

And just to be clear, when I say I did laundry and more laundry, what I actually mean is that I successfully washed and dried every single bit of our laundry. However the dried laundry is now sitting on our chair and ottoman waiting for the laundry fairies to put it away.


Oh wait wait. I take that back. If you look closely you’ll see the babies clothes aren’t there. That’s because I put Angel’s clothes away – yes away in her closet and drawers where they belong. Caleb’s made it off the main pile and is now in a pile in his bedroom waiting for the laundry fairies.

I found out a few months ago that I’m not the only one that does this with laundry – washes and dries it but doesn’t put it away.  I can’t begin to tell you what a burden was lifted from my shoulders. I thought I was the biggest laundry failure until I found this out.

I won’t tell anyone that it was you, April and Emily, who freed me from this burden!  Ok, moving on.

Sunday after naptime we did some more potty training. I was cleaning out Angel’s closet and drawers and she found her Dora underwear and was pretty excited about them.  So we put them on – well Angel put them on. Things were going great for the first few hours. And then we got to bath time and went to put Angel on the potty one more time and turns out she had went poop in her underwear. Eeww!  Unfortunately I’m a wimp and the poor Dora undies weren’t salvageable.  And I’m also wondering if Angel really isn’t ready to potty train.  My original plan was to do this method and I guess we kinda did that Sunday afternoon but it didn’t seem to make a difference in her wanting to go on the potty chair.  I guess we’ll just keep plugging away and see how she does.

I just have to say in all humility that I made some rockin meals this weekend. But I’m not proud about it or anything. I’ll have to share more about that – the meals, not my pride – tomorrow. And I’ll give in update on our Grocery Challenge.  Have a good Monday.


3 thoughts on “A date with myself and other unimportant things

    Christine said:
    September 28, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    I, too, am a believer in the laundry fairies! And I have a similar pile of washed and dried laundry sitting in my bedroom at the moment. I think I finished it on Saturday, and it will still be waiting for the fairies to come tomorrow morning.

    sincerelyanna said:
    September 28, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    I have piles of laundry everywhere…EVERYWHERE. My biggest pile is usually on the hanging rack I have right next to the dryer. I’d hang up those clothes if there were actually hangers to use! They’re all upstairs, and, well, that’s too much work to go get them.

    Potty training is no fun, no fun at all. I’m in it for the marathon. I read the post you linked to and I tried that approach with Max when he was 2 1/2 but it didn’t work at all. I admire moms who can stick with it and even though I was a stay-at-home mom back then too, I just couldn’t stay at home for that long of a period. Mini has been training since July but is never dry during the day (I still put her in Easy Ups) yet I still think it’s good training…she gets praised for telling us when she has to go. I put her on the potty (my choice) at the same times: after meals, before bath, etc. to get her used to a routine but other than that I just wait for her to tell me. She hasn’t had any poop accidents in a long time so something must be working, but like I said I’m expecting it will be a long time.

    Was that TMI? haha I guess I needed to talk about this subject tonight 🙂

      Missy said:
      September 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm

      I think the worst part is it just takes so long. Other than those kiddos that do it in one weekend – I was hoping that would work for us but oh well. The only thing great about potty training so far is seeing the look of pride on Angel’s face when she goes potty – priceless!

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