Not airing out my dirty laundry

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The other day I mentioned how I used to think I was a laundry failure. Then a few months ago was enlightened and now I know I’m just a normal person. Well at least as far as laundry goes.

And because I obviously need to get a life or something I’ve been thinking more lately about my laundry. And I have a confession to make.

I wear something just once and then it goes in the laundry.


Along with all the other problems in my life, I’m going to blame this one on my Hubby. I’m pretty sure that before we got married I would for sure wear pants at least twice, maybe three times. Not sure about shirts. But when I met him I discovered that he would wear something and it would go in the laundry that night. To be honest even it it was worn only half a day – not sure when that would happen but I’m trying to make a point – it would go in the laundry.

For some reason I changed my launderin’ ways and now I put my clothes in the laundry after wearing them only once.

While I was thinking about all this I started thinking that I would like to know if I really am a laundry freak (as opposed to just a freak) or if I’m a normal laundry person. I suppose there’s not really a “normal” when it comes to laundry. You just do what you do and that’s that.

But I still want to know. So please fill out this poll. You don’t get anything other than the satisfaction of knowing you’ve satisfied my…. well, sorry, I guess you really don’t get anything. But do it anyway. Please. Ok, thanks.

(And if you’re reading this on Facebook you might have to go to my actual blog to do the poll. I’m not sure.)

I’m off to think some more about really important things. Or not.

One thought on “Not airing out my dirty laundry

    Shell said:
    October 1, 2009 at 12:25 am

    I usually wear most things once. Sweatshirts tend to go many wearings without being washed. I think you’re pretty normal before and after you got married!

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