The one where we lose a shoe. And our common sense.

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Alternate title: Weekend wrap up!

Friday was family night. This is the third week in a row we’ve done this. And we like it. Especially the pizza. And the slushies. And the pizza.  Phinius and Ferb wasn’t on for some reason so we watched Charlotte’s Web.

Saturday morning the kids slept in (I mean entertained themselves in their beds) until 8:30 am!! Woo hoo! Caleb was up at 6:00 am for a bottle but went back to sleep.  At 8:30 am Pat convinced me to run to the store and get donuts.

I went to a local grocery store and it was packed! Turns out they were having a 6 hour sale. And it was an awesome sale at that. So in addition to donuts I got a gallon of milk ($.99), three bags of frozen chicken breasts (3 lb for $3.99), four frozen pizzas ($.77 each), bananas ($.29/lb) and I think that’s it. At least for that trip.

After enjoying our donuts and some Disney TV I decide it would be fun to go run some errands. Well that is if you describe fun as a mom by herself with two cranky babies. My original plan was for Pat to join us but he then decided to go on a bike ride.

Well, isn’t that special.  For some reason – oh ya, maybe because I’m crazy – I figured I’d go myself anyway.

Our first stop was Walmart and that went pretty well. After doing a little shopping we stopped at Subway for lunch. And then, even though it was closing in on nap time, we went to the grocery store.  Which happened to be the same grocery store that was having a 6 hour sale. Which means it was completely chaotic and there were so many people at the store there weren’t enough grocery carts for everyone.   At this point I should have put my babies back in the car and went home. But remember. I think this is fun.

We eventually found a car grocery cart. So Angel and Caleb were happy for about 6.5 seconds until Angel saw the horsey and wanted a ride. I convinced her to wait until we were done getting groceries but then she realized that she was missing a shoe. It wasn’t in the grocery cart. We walk back out to the front door. No shoe. At what point in our journey did I not see that she lost her shoe? Oh well.

Unfortunately “oh well” wasn’t good enough for her and we were close to meltdown. And we had just got to the store! The store packed with people. The store that has tiny little isles that I’m trying to maneuver this gigantic car grocery cart down. Oh ya, this is fun.

Thankfully within about 2 seconds we drove by an end cap which happened to have bags of mini marshmallows. Also known as the only way I’m going to get through this shopping trip.  I open the bag and proceed to give Caleb 1 marshmallow, Angel 4 marshmallow and walk about 10 feet. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I’m slowly getting through my grocery list when Caleb starts to get fussy and then cry. I get him out of the car and of course Angel thinks she needs to get out. So now I’m pushing this gigantic grocery cart full of groceries, carrying Caleb, sweating profusely because I have a huge sweatshirt on and pretty much chasing a one-shoed toddler through the isles.

“Angel come here.”
“Angel hang on to the cart.”
“Angel where are you?”
“Angel quit touching that.”
“Angel don’t stand in front of the cart.”
“Angel pick up your cup.”
“Angel get off the floor.”

It actually wasn’t too bad. Just exhausting. We make it to check-out and as promised Angel gets a treat – M&M’s. She’s holding them and I tell her not to open them. So she opens them. I take them away and she decides to melt down and lay down in the middle of the isle. I’m holding Caleb and trying to reach into the cart to get the rest of the groceries. I give Angel her M&M’s back – because I’m not too proud to bribe my children.

The good news was we made it out alive. The really good news was that I only spent $123 and we should be set for the next three weeks! The bad news was we never found Angel’s missing shoe. The really bad news was that I didn’t learn my lesson and four hours later decided to go on another errand run.

After naps I ask Pat if he wanted to go run some errands. This time he thankfully said yes, that he’d come along. We decide to go to the mall. First we ate supper there in the food court. Caleb wasn’t happy for some reason. Maybe because he just wanted to stay home for once. We only made it to one store – Old Navy. Found a cute outfit for Angel’s 2 year pictures coming up. Didn’t find an outfit for Caleb’s pictures. Pat and I found a few things – both of us in a size smaller than normal – woo hoo!

By the time we left the store, walked through the mall and out to our car both babies were crying. What was the point of this shopping trip? Oh ya, to reinforce that we are complete idiots.

Sorry, that wasn’t nice. Even if it’s true.

We actually got to sleep in a little on Sunday too. Up at 7:00 am and off to church. Bible study at 9:30 am (I’m in a woman’s class and Pat’s in a guy’s class) and worship at 11:00 am. Sunday also brought two new recipes! For lunch I made Chicken Corn Chowder, a recipe I found in a magazine. I thought it was pretty gross but Angel, Pat and Caleb loved it. And I’d make it again, just make it a little different (I’ll share the recipe later). And then for supper I made Hamburger Lo Mein from Family Feasts cookbook. That turned out really good. I love that cookbook.

After supper we went on a walk which last about 10 minutes because Caleb decided that HE JUST WANTED TO BE HOME FOR GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Poor baby. So we came home and played and had a very nutritious snack (brownies) and then by 8:30 pm babies were in bed, Hubby was watching football and I was cleaning out my closet.

But I’ll save that for another post.

You are very welcome.



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