Bubba is 10 months old!

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Caleb used to be called Little Pip but lately he’s Bubba.  I’ve called him Bubba ever since I heard my sister-in-law Leana call him that (I think “baby” in her South African language sounds like “bubba”) but Pat had always said he would never call him that.

Well now is not only Pat calling him Bubba, but Angel does too. Doesn’t he just look like a Bubba!?

caleb goofy smile

caleb smile in coat

At ten months here’s what our Bubba has been up to:

He’s crawling all over the place, pulling himself up on things and walking along things. Oh ya and getting into anything and everything. Thankfully since our house has been on the market we had already put away alot of the clutter and stuff that he would like to destroy.

He’s got four teeth – two up and two down. Two more are just about to break through on the top. He grinds his teeth all the time. Most of the clothes he wears are size 12 months. He had is 9 month well baby check up today (a month behind) and he weights 21 lb 6 oz (60th %) and his length is 28″ (30th %) and he’s still a fat head – 18 1/2″ (80th %).

He will on occasion say “mama”, “dada” and “bubba”! That’s right. But I’m not sure if he’s saying his nickname or if he’s saying bottle. Otherwise 98% of the time he just grunts and yells and talks baby talk.

For the past 2 months or so he’s slept like a champ! Goes to bed by 8:00 pm, 8:30 at the latest and sleeps usually until 6:00 am. I think maybe only twice in the past two months he’s waken up in the middle of the night but even then he’ll go back to sleep. He’s on a pretty good routine, takes a morning nap and afternoon nap.

As far as eating he’s gradually starting to eat more and more foods. Up until a few weeks ago he was pretty picky. He’s slowly moving away from having a bottle at lunch time and supper time. So right now he’ll have a bottle when he wakes up, has one again around 8:30-9:00 am and then takes a nap. He’ll eat lunch about 11:30-12:00 pm and then sometimes will have a bottle and then a nap. Usually has another bottle around 3:00 pm. Eats supper 5:30-6:00 pm and lately hasn’t had another bottle until bedtime. He doesn’t do very good with the sippy cup. We finally found one that has a really soft lid and that has helped. He absolutely loves his bottle so I’m not looking forward to weaning him.

I can’t really tell yet what some of his favorite foods are. Sometimes he’ll eat everything we give him. Sometimes he won’t eat a thing and just drop it piece by piece on the floor. He does seem to like noodles, green beans, cantaloupe, ham and cheese better than anything. Ok, I take back what I said. His favorite food is cheese. Just like his two big sisters. And his dad. It’s all about the cheese around our house!

Caleb and Angel have really started to play together more and more. She’ll crawl around on the floor pretending to chase him or try to convince him to chase her.  Unfortunately she doesn’t understand that he’s still too little to wrestle with. She’ll try to body slam him or I’ve even caught her trying to step on him when he’s laying down on his back. I have a feeling it’s going to get quite interesting around here in the next few months.

He’s started to show a few signs of stranger anxiety. Not too bad though, it’s just happened a couple times. He’s overall a mama’s boy. It’s so cute when we pick him up from daycare or when Pat comes home from work he gets so excited to see us. Gotta love that.  He recently started showing alot of interest in books and will actually sit for a few minutes while we read. Otherwise he’s usually on a mission (even more so now that he’s crawling/standing/walking) to destroy something or eat something.

Overall he’s still a very happy cheerful smiley baby. He’s just so darn cute. And I suppose I’m a little biased but I’m pretty sure he really is a cutie pie! Here, I’ve got pictures to prove it:

caleb wild hair

caleb smiling in coat 2

caleb smiling in chair

caleb climbing

(Daddy sabotaged him when he fell asleep in his highchair.)
caleb sleeping in chair

caleb riding bike

caleb blowing zerbert



2 thoughts on “Bubba is 10 months old!

    MOM said:
    October 20, 2009 at 10:43 am

    When I was reading about ‘Bubba’, it reminded me how we used to call Jimmy “Boo-Boo”!!!

    sincerelyanna said:
    October 20, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    He looks like a happy little Bubba for sure! Mini weighs one ounce more than he does!

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