Angel’s birthday weekend

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We had a jam packed weekend, most of which involved celebrating Angel’s 2nd birthday.

I already shared that Princess came home for the weekend – surprising us! That was Thursday night and so we all had fun hanging out and playing together.

This is obviously not Princess, but Prankster.

prankster and kids

Pat and I had taken Friday off and the kids slept in until 8:30 am. It was amazing to sleep in that long. We were up and at ’em soon after that though because we had family pictures at 11:15 am and still had to do baths and all that fun stuff.  Our family pictures were at JC Penny and they turned out pretty good. I guess my only complaint is that there weren’t that many to pick from. But we still got a few nice ones.



holly and daddy

holly with babies

After pictures we went home and the kids crashed for a few hours. I think I cleaned the house or did something productive. Can’t really remember right now!  We always go out to eat for birthdays and of course we had to do the same for Angel! So we went to Pizza Ranch where they have an arcade/game place. Not only did we stuff ourselves with good food but also played some fun games.  Angel (with mommy and daddy’s help) won 250 tickets and was able to get a Dora ball!

pizza ranch 1

pizza ranch 2

pizza ranch 3

pizza ranch 4

Saturday was Angel’s actual birthday. She was up bright and early and the first thing we did to celebrate was go out for donuts.   We decided to get groceries right after that. Not sure what the problem was but she pretty much had meltdown after meltdown. Pat sure did enjoy this little grocery trip. I think it was his first time experiencing the multiple meltdowns of Angel out in public!

After grocery shopping we went home and thankfully the kids crashed. Again. Saturday night we had supper at home and of course had to have birthday cake. Even though Angel’s party wasn’t until Sunday we couldn’t let her actual birthday pass without birthday cake.

angel cake

Caleb enjoyed it too!

caleb cake

Her party on Sunday was at the Butterfly House. She was very overwhelmed by all the attention. I don’t think she smiled or said one word the whole time. She did give everyone hugs after she opened her presents. And then we walked through the Butterfly display and she finally came alive. She loves her butterflies.

Angel with her “Birthday hat”. Sorry, it was all I could find!

Her birthday cake – two butterflies and cupcakes.

birthday cake 2

birthday cake 1

Opening presents…

opening present 1

opening present 2

Butterflies up close and personal!

butterfly house 1

buttefly house 2

Even though it was crazy busy and sometimes stressful we had a fabulous weekend celebrating our baby girl’s birthday. And for the third time, Angel crashed!

angle sleeping


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