Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

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I often talk about Angel’s meltdowns. I’m not sure if they are just your normal toddler meltdowns or if Angel is like the creator of the meltdown so does it better than anyone. It does seem like she has them alot. Every single morning. Well, four times every single morning. And then she’ll throw in a few 1/2 dozen in the evening for good measure.

Definition of meltdown: screaming, yelling, crying, running to hide, sometimes throwing things, unsure of what she wants, everything mommy or daddy does is wrong.

And then. All of a sudden. Poof, they are gone. We haven’t had one in two weeks.

Now you know that I’m not one to over analyze these types of things. You know that right? Hello?

Ok, well anyway, even though I don’t normally analyze everything these are the things that have changed in the past few weeks that might have contributed to her change – lack of meltdowns.

1. She turned two.

2. We eliminated her morning nap.

3. We took away her paci – er, I mean – she gave her paci to Charlie dog.

4. We removed the nightlight from her room.

5. Caleb has started pulling her hair and pounding on her even more than before.

6. We decided to not sell our house.

7. We are amazing parents. And humble too. I guess that’s nothing that’s changed.

Well obviously it’s not number 7. But that’s about all I know for sure. And that she probably just went through her “terrible twos” early and we are very thankful that we’ve been meltdown free for a few weeks. The bad news? Caleb is almost 11 months and he’s watched his sister very closely for the past 6 months. Hopefully he learned what not to do!



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