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Are you looking to mix it up a bit for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? This idea does require a little bit of extra work but it is SO worth it to see the joy on your family member’s faces.  And if your family has traditions that include having the exact same thing every year, well then, you’ll just have to decide it it’s worth messin’ with tradition. Personally, I think it is.

This idea came from my sister. The Surprise Buffet!

I should also note that this requires that only one or two people make the entire meal. If that is not an option for you then this won’t work. What we did in our family is my sister and dad made the meal and all the rest of us gave them money to offset the cost of groceries.

So basically you just call everyone up that’s going to be at the dinner and ask them what their absolute favorite food is. You may need to set some boundaries. If everyone says prime rib or crab legs you’ll be in trouble and might have to also ask what their second most favorite food is.

Then you just make everyone’s favorite food. If possible you will want to put up a curtain (or a sheet in our case) to block off the kitchen so no one sees what’s cooking. When everyone sits down at the table they’ll have the joy of being surprised by what’s being served, enjoy great food and possibly find out a little bit about their family members, i.e., “You’re favorite food is asparagus?”

Now don’t be like my family. Well we did make a funny memory so go ahead. Anyway, when my sister was calling and asking what our favorite foods were she kinda cheated and asked my mom what my dad’s favorite was. And my mom told my sister something that turned out not to be my dad’s favorite food. Then when we were eating my dad found out that he was never asked what his favorite food was! Ooops.

You can of course tweek it a bit. Maybe have a main course dish and then ask everybody for their favorite side or favorite dessert. You’ll be sure to have fun and make some great memories!

Here’s the link to the post where I shared about our Suprise Buffet.

The “curtain” so no one could see what was cooking!






One thought on “Holiday dinner idea

    Princess said:
    November 6, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    wish i could come.. bring home some leftovers for me!?

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