The I’m tired from a busy weekend and want to go to bed but still have to watch dvr’d Amazing Race so I’ll quickly come up with a lame list post

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1. That’s gotta be the longest title in the history of the world. It’s the simple things in life people.

2. Pat and I watched Transformers 2 this weekend. I was a little confused becaues I didn’t realize it was part 2 but eventually I caught on. Kinda. Well, not really because I didn’t see part 1.  It was a pretty good movie. Rather funny actually. I was pretty annoyed by Megan Fox’s outfit in the last part of the movie. She was wearing white pants. And they stayed white for a very long time even though they were running through the dessert in Egypt and getting shot at.

3. I’m watching The Next Iron Chef on Sunday nights on the Food Network. I’m not really loving it but it’s not all bad. I was very happy that tonight Amanda got booted (sorry – should have issued a spoiler alert). She creeps me out.

4. I felt very productive this weekend – well Saturday to be exact. We are trying more and more to get all our weekend work done on Saturdays so our Sundays really can be a day of rest. Which means I got all of my laundry done on Saturday! Woo hoo! That is such a major accomplishment for me. Now yes, as I type this there is still 1/2 of it left on our chair and ottoman that needs to be put away. But it’s all washed. That’s gotta count for something.

5. My baby boy Caleb is turning into such a big boy. He loves to brush his teeth – all 4 (almost 6) of them. Every morning he and Angel will sit on our bed and we’ll give them their toothbrushes and they’ll brush away. Well actually they usually just suck on the the tootbrush although Angel is getting better and better at actually brushing. After a few minutes we take the toothbrush away from Caleb and he screams.

6. We’ve noticed that Angel has started counting things. Every where we go. She’ll count trees and houses and pretty much anything that she feels like counting. Today on the way to church she counted all of us in the car – her, Caleb, Pat and me – which in her counting world is ten people!

7. I broke my butter crock. I’ve had it for at least ten years and the other day I accidentally knocked it off the counter and it shattered. My first husbands mom got it for me through Home and Garden and I went to their website but couldn’t find it. I’ve looked at every store I could think of but still can’t find one. I’ve found a few that you have to put water in the bottom and I don’t want one like that.  And then Pat made the smart remark of “why don’t you just google ‘butter crock’?” Well because that’s why.

So then I googled “butter crock”.  But all I could find where the ones where you need to add water at the bottom. It kinda has got me wondering if the butter crock I had was some super duper amazing creation. My butter never went bad and sometimes I had the same butter in it for over two weeks.  Well, the search continues.

8. Speaking of my first husband’s mom – one thing she used to do was bring towels and blankets right out of the dryer and wrap them around us. I’ve started doing this with Angel and she absolutely loves it. I brought a big load of laundry out yesterday and wrapped a towel around her. She loved it so much that she proceeded to take every piece of clothing out of the hamper and try to wrap it around her and she’d say, “oooo warm” and then shake it (which in her mind is folding it) and then put it on the pile of folded clothes.

9. Conversation with Angel on the potty chair today:

Angel: Caleb’s baby.

Me: Yes, Caleb is a baby.

Angel: Me not baby.

Me: No, you’re a big girl.

Angel: Emma’s baby. (her cousin)

Me: Yes, Emma’s a baby. Do you miss Emma?

Angel: Ya. I miss Emma.  (pause) I miss doggies.

Well ok then.

10. Man, I’ve got nothing for number ten. I can’t really end on number nine, can I? Well, I guess I just did.

Have a good Monday.



One thought on “The I’m tired from a busy weekend and want to go to bed but still have to watch dvr’d Amazing Race so I’ll quickly come up with a lame list post

    Sarah said:
    November 9, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Funny list. We watch that show too – i thought the little guy would go home…was surprised she did actually based on how the comments went. Oh well. I haven’t been real impressed this season. Plus, I prefer Top Chef hands down. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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