Before the snow flies

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This weekend we went over to Pat’s mom’s house to let Angel play in the leaves. The one downside of our house is it’s in a new development. Which means very young trees with no leaves.  Now yes, this is very nice when it comes to having to rake all those leaves. But when you have a two year old who wants to play in leaves, well it’s kind of a bummer!

But thankfully Pat’s mom has enough leaves for all of us!

At first Angel wanted nothing to do with the leaves. But she was interested in helping Grama Barb with the leaf blower.

angel blowing leaves 1

angel blowing leaves

Finally she relaxed a little and started to have some fun.

angel face

angel funny look

angel in leaves 1

Covering cousin Stephi.

covering stephi

I think she was telling cousin Krissy to stop throwing leaves at her!

angel krissy

angel laughing

Hhmmm, where’d they go?

angel looking for leaves

And even though my blue eyed boy didn’t really enjoy the leaves, he got to spend a little time outside too.


It was a fun day!

angel running



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