Weekend wrap up

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~Friday night was family night and we’ve kinda gotten overloaded on pizza after having it 6 weeks in a row. So Friday night we decided to try out a new Chinese restaurant close to our house.  And so begins the stage of having two very loud, obnoxious children that make you wonder what in the world you were thinking bringing them out to a restaurant and why didn’t we just order pizza?

But really. It was a fun time. The food was excellent and after practically every bite Angel would say, “MMMM YUM YUM!”. This girl likes her food. Like mother like daughter, I guess.

After telling Angel to use her inside voice 400 times we finally finished dinner and stopped to pick up a few movies. By the time we got home it was close to bedtime so we just played a little and then sent the kids off to bed. It was kind of a bummer because it doesn’t really feel like a family night (miss you Princess!) when all it consisted of was eating dinner together – which we normally do anyway. I’m looking forward to when the kids get a little older and we can play board games.  Wait. Please disregard that last line. I do not want my babies to grow up. But yet I do. But yet I don’t.

~Well I went to bed contemplating the feelings in my soul of my kids growing up and of course woke up at 4 am to Angel’s screaming. Because that’s what we do now. We wake up at 3 or 4 am. Every single night. And again – it’s bittersweetness. I cannot wait for the day when I can get a good nights sleep three nights in a row. But I cannot imagine the day when our babies won’t wake up in the middle of the night crying for us.

~On a wonderful amazing note, both kids slept in until 8:00 am Saturday. That is like the parting of the Red Sea variety of miracles. It was so wonderful. Well except for the fact that when Angel woke up at 4 am Pat went down to get her back to sleep but I woke up too and couldn’t go back to sleep. So finally at 5:30 am I got out of bed and went downstairs and accidentally rented a cheesy chick flick on pay per view. Accidentally because I thought we didn’t have pay per view movies anymore and I was playing around the remote and it came up and so I just thought I’d try it and see what happened. Thankfully I didn’t pick a really dumb movie to try it out on. Instead I picked 17 Again. I guess just a little bit of a dumb movie.

~Saturday we did nothing much at all. I attempted to do laundry and clean but wasn’t very successful. I did get my menu done for the month. Oh yes.  You heard correctly. For the month.  We’re on a new budget plan and it’s been going really good. And surprisingly it hasn’t been too hard to come up with meals for a month at a time. Pat is very helpful and gives me ideas for at least 1/2 the meals. So anyway, I got that done and my shopping list done but then decided to take a nap when the kids when down for a nap instead of going grocery shopping. Because I’m real ambitious like that.

~Pat had asked me earlier in the week if I wanted to go on a date this weekend. Well, yes my wonderful husband I think that would be fabulous. We had to run errands also so all of us ran and bought our tickets for a movie – The Blind Side – because it was selling out every showing. We then ran to the store and dropped the kids off at Grama’s at 5:30 pm. The show was at 7:10 and we wanted to get there early to get good seats so just ran and got a quick bite to eat at Qdoba. The movie was amazing. It was even more amazing to spend some time with my hubby. Especially when it involves popcorn, holding hands and watching a great movie.

~Sunday morning brought church. And then I decided to go to our niece’s musical and thought Angel would really enjoy it too. It was kind of a gamble because she only had about 30 minute nap right after church.  But it went well and she loved it. There was only one time towards the end that she started to talk really loud – thankfully it wasn’t in the middle of a song – just the introduction to a song. Ok, maybe it was bad no matter what. But she settled down quickly and made it through the rest of the show.  And our niece did a fabulous job too.

~We got home around 4:00 pm and Caleb was sleeping so me, Angel and Pat also took naps. I love Sunday afternoon naps!

~Because of Angel’s middle of the night wake up calls we decided to move her upstairs and see if that would make a difference. So while I gave the kids baths Pat switched Angel’s bed and Caleb’s crib. Angel was SO excited to see her bed in the upstairs bedroom when we got done with baths. She started screaming and jumping on her bed and was sure to tell Caleb that his bedroom was now downstairs!  We’ll see how it goes tonight.

Enjoy your week!


3 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up

    Jessi said:
    November 23, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Poor thing! Is she having nightmares?

    Sarah said:
    November 23, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Hi Missy –
    Both my middle and youngest used to wake up all the time. For JT, it was his tonsils and adenoids…he really, really snored, and he had apnea. But, once he had them removed, he slept through the night. For TJ, she cannot have chocolate anywhere near bedtime b/c she would wake up every night with a nightmare. Always was at the same time, and it was very consistent with the food…just something to look for as it could be another trigger. They do get night terrors around that age, so hopefully it passes soon! 🙂

    Missy said:
    November 24, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Update: first two nights went pretty good – night one she slept all night. Last night she woke up at 3:00 but wasn’t screaming, just said “mommy” a few times before I woke myself up. I went in and comforted her and then left the door open a little and she went right back to sleep. Being right across the hall from us gives her comfort and we couldn’t leave her door open before because we were afraid she’d come out and try to tackle the stairs and baby gate by herself. She did wake up at 5:30 am screaming but I think it was because we didn’t hear her right away. We’ll see how it goes tonight. Unfortunately Wed and Thur night we mix things up cause we’ll be in a hotel.

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