I ate alot and other Thanksgiving weekend memories

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I ate alot. No really, trust me. Alot. Thursday morning for breakfast we had chips and dip provided by my sister. And than an amazing buffet at 11:00 am that included turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes (sweet and regular), butternut squash, corn, salad, fruit and of course dessert.  Since we obviously didn’t eat enough at the ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet we snacked all day and night on chips, M&M’s, Goldfish crackers, candy corn, ham, potato salad and cookies. And then just for kicks we ordered two pizzas at 7:00 pm.

We played Scattegories on Thursday night with my family.  My favorite answer of the night was with the letter E and the topic “reasons for being late”…  Ended up in jail. Ex-boyfriend slashed my tires. Exorcist was on. Ok, I guess you had to be there.

Angel’s new love is her ponies. She has 9 My Little Pony’s, two of which are a little bigger and so they are the mommy and daddy. She’ll brush their hair one at a time and set them all in a line. And then brush their hair again and lay them down to go night night. On Thursday night she played with them for quite awhile and then my sister and brother started traumatizing her by stealing them and hiding them from her. She’s one smart cookie though. At one point she glared at my brother, pointed at him and yelled, “Jimmy, you did it!”.

My parents had their house rented Wednesday and Thursday night and so we stayed in a hotel. This is the hotel that my mom, brother and sister-in-law all work and so we were able to get really cheap pool side rooms. There were only a few people there and so we pretty much had the pool to ourselves. Angel loves to swim! And so she was in heaven, swimming Wednesday night and a couple times on Thursday. Unfortunately the one thing I forgot was her swimming diaper. But we weren’t going to deprive her of swimming just because I forgot her swimming diaper. Even if it did cause her to have major backside issues.

At one point during the weekend Angel took my face in her hands, looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “Mama. I want M&M’s.”

Princess and Prankster drove 7 hours to spend Wednesday night and Thursday morning with us!  Even though Prankster had to leave Thursday morning for Wisconsin. Yes, we felt honored to have them with us!  They also played “1 – 2 – 3 weeeeee” with Caleb and he loved it!

All four of our kiddos were with us for Pat’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night. It was great and something I never take for granted. And Angel picked out her outfit. It was a size 18 months and I could barely get it zipped – but she’s still a little dolly.

I paid Princess to go shopping at 5:00 am on Black Friday. I realized after she came back without being able to acquire anything on my list except 2 scarves for me that my payment should have been based on what she was able to get for me.

I have a friend who has two babies. She also has a brother and a mom and sister-in-law that work at a hotel. This friend stayed at the hotel on Wednesday and Thursday night. There was no one else in the hotel and so everything was pretty much shut down early Wednesday night.  This friend and her family, including the babies found themselves in the bar (that was closed) on Wednesday night. Her sister-in-law had made a big batch of amazing popcorn – seriously the best popcorn my friend has ever eaten in her life. They also ate cherries and olives and drank Coke-a-colas and watched cartoons on the Sprout channel.  It was probably the highlight of our weekend. I mean my friend’s weekend.

We had Pat’s family over for supper on Friday night. We didn’t get home from my parent’s until about noon and I was supposed to work until 4:00. Pat was going to watch the kids, clean the house and cook for our supper. Yes, he is amazing. But he’s not that amazing. Thankfully I was given the ok to work Saturday instead of Friday and was able to stay home and help. Pat was being all possessive on me though and wouldn’t let me help much in the kitchen. Doesn’t he realize it is MY kitchen? And that I feel like a complete failure when I’m not allowed to help? Yes, I know I have issues.

Well anyway by the time 3:00 rolled around the house was somewhat clean, the kids were napping, the table was set and everything ready to go – well except for the food that Pat wouldn’t let me touch. And so I went shopping. I was pretty much unsuccessful because everything I wanted was of course sold out by then. But I did find a few good buys and have a nice hour of me time. And yes that me time did include popcorn and slushy from Target.

Saturday and Sunday we did pretty much nothing. Well if you consider playing with the kids, cleaning and napping nothing. Recently I’ve come to realize that that is not nothing. It’s awesome. Well the playing with kids and napping part.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and made many memories!


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