Preparing for Advent

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Today we have a guest blogger, my friend Bonnie. If you have special traditions for Advent and Christmas to celebrate the arrival of Jesus please leave a comment and share!

The months of November and December are often times filled with planning and expectations. Menus are planned, groceries are purchased, baking fills our senses, homes are cleaned and decorated and, of course, there is the shopping that “needs” to be done. All of these things are done with the anticipation of “arrivals”. Perhaps you are the one who will be doing the arriving, going to grandparents’ homes, or perhaps, you are the one who will be welcoming the arrival of loved ones to your home. Either way, great preparation is generally taken in anticipation of these important arrivals.

The word “advent” is defined in most dictionaries as the coming of an important arrival. This is most frequently used in the weeks preceding the Christmas holiday but is also associated with such things as the “advent of technology”. Sadly, much of our preparations during advent are spent in anticipation of the important arrival of a holiday, much as some might prepare for the arrival of a new software, instead of the arrival of the very Person of God. Even as Christian’s we can get caught up in the trappings of the “things” of the holiday and miss out on the most important arrival of all!

The advent of Christ is not a thing of the past, nor only a thing to be anticipated in His second coming, but a relationship we can experience daily! With all the preparations for Christmas well under way, I pray this advent our hearts are prepared to receive the arrival of Jesus Christ. For the unsaved I pray you receive him as Savior, and for those who have accepted His gift of salvation, I pray we receive Him as life abundant!

How are your advent preparations?


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