Angel, two years old!

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I realized the other day I didn’t share an update on Angel who turned two on October 24th.

~Not sleeping. Revised.

I had two long paragraphs written about her not sleeping issues but there aren’t any not sleeping issues anymore. Got that?

The not sleeping was happening every night for 3-4 weeks and kinda started out of the blue. She would wake up at 3:00 am screaming and couldn’t get back to sleep even if we brought her to bed with us. Sometimes she eventually did, but not consistently. We decided to move her to the bedroom upstairs and move Caleb downstairs to where her room was. And that has pretty much worked. So we are thinking she just started to become more aware that she was downstairs by herself. We’ve also started keeping her up a little later. And she has a few roommates.

Our dogs, Ed and Allie have started sleeping in her bedroom. The past 3 nights she has slept all night and so hopefully with the later bedtime, being upstairs and having a little company, that continues! When Caleb gets a little older and starts to realize he’s downstairs we’ll probably put them in the bedroom upstairs together.

~Independent. She has to do everything by herself. She is pretty good about asking for help if we let her try to do it by herself first. I think it’s pretty cute because she’ll say “I do it!” and then try and can’t and then say, “Mommy help?”.  This is a good stretch for me in my control freak ways – letting her do things herself and her own way.  The one thing I’m trying to encourage her to do is not get so upset when someone does try to help her. She freaks out and usually yells and so we’ve been working on not yelling. And I’ve been working on not yelling because I’m thinking that’s where she’s getting it from.

~Still talking. I love talking to her and having her talk back to me and ask questions. She’s gotten better at talking on the phone too. In the past when Grama Susie, Papa or Aunt Nellie would call she would just shake her head yes. But now she’s not only answering their questions but adding to the conversation. And then she’ll blow kisses at the end of the conversation. Sometimes I have no idea where she gets the stuff she says. Just tonight we were cuddling in my bed and she said, “Mama how are you feeling?”

She still repeats everything we say. And she says it with perfect enunciation. The other night Pat was praying before dinner and it was the night we were going to go help our local mission hand out food. Pat said, “thanks for the opportunity…” and of course Angel repeated what he said, “thanks for the opportunity”. It’s just so funny to hear such a little person say big words.

~Learning. Angel loves to learn. She can count to 20 but can only recognize numbers up to 9. She loves to count anything and everything. We’re working on ABC’s – she loves to sing the song, you just can’t understand half of it! And she’s got alot of her colors down. Pink for sure and then 90% of the time she’ll know blue, green, yellow, red, purple and black. She loves to have us read books to her but she also loves to “read” them to herself.

~A little mommy. Angel loves her dollies and babies. She has three or four Dora babies and some others too and she loves to cuddle, hug, kiss, give a bottle and rock them all. She loves to brush their hair but especially loves to brush her her pony’s hair. And just recently spent a good 30 minutes taking care of her pony’s owies!

I guess the next topic should be about how much she loves her brother and always shares with him.

Ok, maybe not.

She actually usually does share pretty good with him. And for the most part she also loves to be a mommy to Caleb. She loves to give him hugs and kisses and talk to him.

~A chef and an eater. Angel loves to help me cook. Anything and everything if I let her she’ll want to help. It certainly is a good test of patience for me! She still is a great eater, eating pretty much anything. There are only a few things she doesn’t like. And her favorite foods are fruits and veggies. Hopefully that doesn’t change as she gets older. But don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure she’d pick chocolate cake over any fruit and veggie any day.

~Potty training. Ug! Nothing happening as far as potty training goes. She did really good for a few weeks but the past few weeks she has wanted nothing to do with going potty and the big potty chair. I know it’ll come and we’re not pressuring her but I’m thinking I might have to try the method of letting her go without a diaper all weekend so she really feels what it feels like to be wet.

~Her story. Angel understands more and more every day and we’ve shared her adoption story (from start to finish) with her a couple times. My plan is to make a special book for her but I just haven’t found a book I really love. I do have all the pictures picked out and set aside, including pictures of her birth mom, her foster family, the hotel where we stayed the weekend we met her, the first restaurant we ate at with her, etc, etc. We’ve shown her these pictures too and she loves to look at pictures of herself as a baby. She of course is too young to understand the concept of birth mom and I’m not sure how often we’ll read through her book with her. She’ll have it in her room and will be able to look at it anytime and I sense I need to just not worry too much about it. It’s hard though because there is always that worry that we won’t say enough or we’ll say too much or we’ll say the wrong thing.

~Some of her favorites: the movie UP, Dora, swimming, taking a bath, puzzles, playing outside (even though that doesn’t happen much now with the cold weather), reading books and her two dogs.

These are a few pictures my friend Emily took real close to Angel’s 2nd birthday. (They turned out so good and I need to get on the ball and get some ordered!)

Two years with our Angel baby has been so amazing. More than words can ever express. We are so thankful.


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