Me neither

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~Have you ever been driving through town and then realize that you missed a turn and you have no idea where you’re at or where you’re going and then say out loud to yourself, “WHERE AM I”?

~Have you ever looked at the pile of laundry to put away and the sink full of dishes and a gazillion toys scattered all around the house and things laying on the floor that you can’t even identify and went straight to bed?

~Have you ever put up your Christmas decorations and while you were hanging up all the ornaments on the tree say to your husband, “This isn’t right. ____ should be here (fill in the blank).”

~Have you ever been driving somewhere and a song comes on the radio and you burst into tears, not really knowing why just knowing that you feel a deep sense of sorrow in your soul?

~Do you ever look at your kids and husband and wonder “What was the Lord thinking when He blessed me so?”

~Have you ever had crying children in the backseat and the second you start singing Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow as loud as you can they stop crying and are completely quiet the entire way home?

~Have you ever wondered while singing Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow to your children if they are shocked into silence by the off key notes or if it’s because of the soothing power of God’s presence.

~Have you ever been trying to find something to feed your family for supper and eventually just decide to break out the chips and dip and an apple?

~Have you ever laid in bed with your child cuddled under that blankets watching cartoons and pray that time would just stand still for a little bit?

~Have you ever went through the drive through at McDonalds and instead of getting a cheeseburger you get get a crunchy chicken sandwich, french fries and coke?

~Have you ever looked at your sheets for the 4th Saturday in a row and thought to yourself,  “next Saturday I’ll wash them.”?

~Have you ever thought about gifts God has given you and the gifts God has given others and thought to yourself, “man, He’s one smart cookie.”?

~Have you ever wondered how to use punctuation with quotation marks and when to use “than” and “then” and wonder what was the purpose of that four-year degree anyway?

~Have you ever wondered why there are so many people that profess faith in Jesus and yet so many unchanged lives?

~Have you ever eaten a whole bag of M&M’s?

~Do you ever look at the soap scum in your bathtub and just walk away?

~Do you ever long for Jesus to return. Like right this minute?

No? Oh.  Me neither.


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