Christmas decorating

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I don’t know about you but I dread putting up Christmas decorations. I’m not sure why. I love having them up but the whole process of getting out all the totes and deciding what goes where – because it changes every year – and then putting totes away and storing my regular decorations and pictures…well it’s just exhausting. But after all the Christmas decorations are up I’m so glad we did it. I love the lights on the Christmas tree. And I love how excited the babies get about everything.

What I don’t love is that this year we did it without Princess. We weren’t able to find the time over Thanksgiving and she won’t be home again until the week before Christmas. As we were hanging the decorations on the tree I said to Pat, “It’s just not right, not having Princess here.”

Cherish your kiddos. Hug them. And don’t take one day for granted.

While we really missed having Princess with us we still had fun. Angel was so excited to help. Well honestly she was more excited about the empty tree box. Her and Caleb both did a great job of helping put decorations on the tree. We got to explain to Angel about each ornament – most of them being Princess’s that she’s collected through the years. And then we got to show her the two ornaments that she has and Caleb’s from last year. I love the tradition that Pat started with Princess of buying an ornament every year. We’ve always been really intentional in getting one that applies to that year or something she liked. So it was fun to look back over the years.

A little red car…. the year she got her first car… a little red one of course.
Track shoe…the year she joined cross country
And last year – a Christmas tree with shoes hanging from it…because Princess loves shoes!

I can’t share what we got Princess this year (cause she can read) but it it so perfect. I can’t wait for her to get it. We got Angel a Dora doll and Caleb a Mickey Mouse figurine. There were so many we could have chosen for Angel but we think Dora is probably her absolute favorite so went with that.

This is not really related to decorating but it’s so cute I had to share. Little Bubba getting excited about walking. That’s why he can only take about four steps because he gets too excited.

Caleb looking at an ornament. He was very helpful in handing us ornaments!

Angel hanging up ornaments.

Angel and Caleb – still helping hang up ornaments!

Looking at some very old ornaments – some from Pat’s childhood. Sorry hon, you’re not really that old.

Angel playing in the Christmas tree box with Aunt Nellie.

Angel looking at baby Jesus.

Caleb with the pretty lights.

So many memories. So many new ones being created. We are thankful!


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