Just for the record

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~I do share all my posts with Pat before publishing to make sure he’s ok with what I say.

~The same goes for posts about Princess or my family or the babies.  Well I guess I don’t check with the babies but when they’re older I will.

~I really don’t share all the details of my life on my blog. While it might not seem like it, I really do try to follow Jesus’ mother Mary’s example and ponder things in my heart.

~I don’t take pictures or do activities with my kids for blog material. Having a blog has certainly helped me take more pictures. And for that I’m very thankful. But I never have and never will think to myself, “I need some good blog material – Kids let’s go to the park!”

~I do have a life and it doesn’t revolve around blogging.

That’s all. The end. Goodbye.


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