Sick baby and first snow

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Yesterday Caleb came down with something. Started with alot of crabbiness and low grade fever so we assumed teething. But as the day progressed his fever increased and stayed at 102. He also got alot crabbier, lathargic, wouldn’t eat or drink much. Around 8:15 pm last night I brought him to Acute Care just to make sure. Doctor was convinced he had strep but test came back negative and blood work came back ok so unfortunately he just has to wait it out.

Poor baby. He feels miserable and basically just wants to be held and sleeps alot. Today Pat and I split the day so we wouldn’t have to haul him out of the house not to mention his fever was still at 102 all day. Of course today was the day of our first big snow and Angel was pretty bummed that she couldn’t go out. At one point though I told Angel she could go out on the back deck for just a little bit.

And she was just a little bit excited.

Caleb on the other hand was not a happy camper.

But then he tried to convince me that he was well enough to go outside. I don’t think so little man.

Even without anyone to play with Angel had a lot of fun in the first snow of the season.

But within ten minutes she was ready to call it a day. And I think that was Caleb’s only smile in the past two days!


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