Being held

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At church a few weeks ago I looked up to see one of our praise teams singers holding her two-year old son. It was rather cute and I assumed the little one wasn’t to keen on being in the nursery that morning. A few times she would let him down and he would wander away from her. She always drew him back. After a little bit though he got out of arms reach and started fiddling with some stuff, being the curious little boy that God made him to be. It didn’t seem to phase her though, she gently brought him back. At one point during the song he started walking in circles around her. She held on to his hand the entire time but he started tugging and pulling and then she picked him up again, continuing to sing the whole time.

This last time she picked him up he was a little more wiggly. I’m sure he was thinking it was alot more fun to run circles around his mama. Literally. But she held him strong and tight. Her arm was firm under his bottom and she didn’t seem to strain or flinch one bit, even after 5 minutes of holding him with one hand.  I looked at her face and her eyes were closed. There wasn’t one bit of strain on her face. Only love. And she continued to sing praises to God.

I was so struck by the love of my heavenly Father that it brought tears to my eyes. Just like this mother firmly, yet lovingly held her son, so the Lord holds us. He often allows us to go our own way a bit. To step out and make our own choices. But then He draws us back. He is always there, holding our hand, guiding us along the way. He holds us firmly, yet lovingly in His arms. We are His children and He loves us so.

I’m not sure if this mom continued to hold her son or not because I finally shifted my focus entirely onto the Lord, closed my eyes and worshiped the One who holds me.

For great is His love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever. Praise the LORD.  Psalm 117:2


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