Prankster’s biggest prank of all

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In case you haven’t caught on Prankster (whose real name is Timothy but we’ll stick with Prankster for the sake of tradition) is Princess’s boyfriend. When he became “the Prankster” he and Princess were only friends but since then he’s graduated to get his own post category! Prankster is called Prankster, well because he’s a prankster.   I’m still finding confetti pieces – OVER A YEAR LATER! – and I still find random post it notes over the house. I assume he’s going to be paying us back for our prank (post-it noting his entire bedroom) for the rest of his life. Oh yes he is.

On Monday, December 7th Prankster called Pat and asked for Princess’s hand in marriage. We kinda knew this was coming and while we had been trying to talk them into waiting, we did have complete peace that Prankster was the one God had intended to be Princess’s husband. Pat being the loving father that he is, asked Prankster a few questions, gave some advice and then told him he’d call him back and let him know his answer.

Tuesday – no call.
Wednesday – no call.
Thursday – I threatened Pat with his life if he didn’t call.

Ok, not really but I did encourage Pat to call because it was not nice that he make poor Prankster wait any longer.  So Pat called Prankster on Thursday night and said:

“Prankster (except he said Timothy because as we’ve already stated his real name isn’t Prankster), I’m not really comfortable with my daughter getting married. (BIG HUGE PAUSE) But I know that you are the one God has chosen to marry Princess (except he said Holly because her name isn’t really Princess) and so yes, I give you my blessing to propose.”

BIG HUGE SIGH from Prankster.

Hee hee. It was kinda funny.

Fast forward to three days later.  Now the parents (me and Pat) that were trying to convince their daughter and boyfriend to wait to get married were getting very anxious and nervous and excited because maybe tonight was the night! All Prankster told us was that he was going to propose before their anniversary on January 1st (good move – really surprise her).  So we emailed Prankster and told him to get on with it! Actually we just asked when he was going to do it because we couldn’t stand the suspense.

And here’s how it went down.

Princess came home from college on Thursday, December 17th. Prankster had already come home but had arranged for Princess to pick him up in his home town – which is an hour away from our home town. Only he wasn’t there! He had gotten a ride to Princess’s school and surprised her right before she left for home. Well that was the plan anyway.

What really happened is that Princess got done with finals early and left campus. Without Prankster! Thankfully Princess called Prankster on her way out of town and then he had her roommate call Princess and tell her she had to go back because she forgot her Christmas present. Princess said, “Oh that’s ok I’ll get it after break.” NO REALLY PRINCESS YOU NEED TO GO BACK!

She did go back and there was Prankster sitting on the curb like a hitchhiker.

(I’m not going to share every little detail, well because I don’t know every little detail. And even if I did I’m not going to share because I think they need to have a few little memories that are just theirs.)

They spent some time at Princess’s school and then finally got on the road for home – which is a four hour drive. They were suppose to get to our house around 6:30 pm because Prankster thought he was going to propose around 6:00 pm.  He also had the great idea of having all our families gather together for dinner and to pray with them right after he proposed.

Princess’s mom and step-dad got to our house at about 6:30 pm. We were kinda freaking out because we thought Princess and Prankster were suppose to be there at 6:30 pm. Where was everyone at? Did we have the wrong night? Was it suppose to be somewhere else?

Don’t tell anyone, but Prankster has a tendency to run a little bit behind schedule.

Around 7:00 pm Prankster’s mom, brother and three sisters got to our house. Turns out his family was helping get “the tree” ready to go. That’s where he was going to propose – at their special tree. His parents put Christmas lights up since, well, it was pitch black by the time he was going to propose. And because it would look really pretty too.  The challenge was this tree wasn’t all by itself in the middle of nowhere. It was by the river, right in the middle of about 4000 other trees. Timothy’s dad and brother were suppose to find the tree, in the dark, before Princess and Prankster got there. Prankster’s dad was afraid he would light up the wrong tree – how awkward would that be! – and so he was calling and texting Prankster while Prankster and Princess were on their way there. So Prankster had to talk in code and stuff so Princess wouldn’t figure out what was ging on.

Prankster’s dad and brother got done just in time for Princess and Prankster to drive up. So his dad and brother had to hide and be all stealth like so Princess wouldn’t see them.

I don’t have many details about the actual proposal. I’m thinking he probably said, “Will you marry me.” Well yes I know that’s what he said because we heard that he didn’t even get the “marry me” out before Princess tackled him. And I don’t think it was the “professional football I want to rip your head off” kind of tackle. I think it was the “I’m so happy and yes I will marry you” kind of tackle.

Prankster’s dad and brother got to our house a little after 8:00 pm and we were just about ready to hide when he said, “too late, they’re here and already saw me.” Oh well. It was still alot of fun. After hugs and congratulations we ate dinner and then Prankster and Princess had a few presents to open. Princess’s mom and step-dad got them a wedding planning book. Prankster’s parents got a “date kit”. There were 6 large cans and the labels had been taken off. So they have to open one and make it into a fun date. What a great idea!  And then our present was Princess’s ornament.

It was a princess tiara. How perfect is that. And then Pat shared about how this being her last ornament that we wanted it to be really special. We hope that it will always serve as a reminder that her identity is in Christ. More than a wife, mom, sister or friend, she is a daughter of the King and that is what will see her through.

After presents we played a game (of course – this is my family tradition started by my mom). People had to try to guess what certain fears-phobias were.

Like “soceraphobia” – the  fear parents-in-law.

Hee hee.

And then Pat gave a great devotion on 1 Chronicles 28:20 (that we kinda stole from our Pastor). He shared how Prankster and Princess will face many fears in the years to come. But God gives us the commitment that He is our strength and He is walking with us. We need not be afraid or discouraged.

And then we all prayed over Prankster and Princess. It was a great night. A little bit bittersweet because we can’t believe our Princess is all grown up. I remember like yesterday every first day of school. Every Gilmore Girls marathon. Every disagreement. Every squeaky laugh and every wrestling match. I’m thankful for the wonderful memories that will be made in the years to come with Prankster in our family. So many that already have been made. But I can’t help but wish we had a little more time to have her all to ourselves. I know that’s selfish – or maybe it’s just being a parent.

Here are some pictures from the big night:

Surprise! Ok, not really. But they look happy to see all of us!

Showing off the bling.

Prince getting some food and being a dork.

Princess and Prankster opening their gifts.

The love birds and their parents. What a good looking group!

Our family. LOVE this picture! I think it’s our first one with all of us together!

Princess and Prankster reinacting the proposal. Kinda. Without the cold and snow and tree. And without the tackling.

Thanks for your prayers for Princess and Prankster and our families! It looks like it’ll be a June 2010 wedding!  They told me I could document their wedding planning and wedding so stay tuned, you’ll see many more posts coming up.

Now I’m off to watch Father of the Bride and bawl my eyes out.


4 thoughts on “Prankster’s biggest prank of all

    Shell said:
    December 23, 2009 at 1:36 am

    Awwww! That is such a great story! Thank you for sharing that. I can’t wait to hear all about the planning!

    Jenny said:
    December 23, 2009 at 5:05 am

    I had a feeling this was what you hinted at yesterday! That is beautiful, and the tiara bit totally made me cry. What a beautiful memory they will have!

    Sarah said:
    December 23, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    AWWW! So sweet! Congrats to all of you!

    learningpatience said:
    December 23, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    OH, that is so sweet! What a fun day!

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