Caleb is one!

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Caleb turned one on Thursday, December 17th but we didn’t have his birthday party until Sunday the 20th. It was a fun day. Here are some pictures.

Caleb’s cake. We had a chocolate sheet cake for all our guests but Caleb got his own Mickey Mouse cake that Pat made. As you can see he’s so excited he can hardly contain himself.

Touching it with one finger. This is what he does to every single piece of food before he can put it in his mouth. I have no idea.

Mmmm, yummy. Again, excitement is bubbling over!

There we go. Now he’s starting to get a little wild.

Angel enjoying her cake and sharing with the Mickey Mouse candle.

Angel, Caleb and my sister laughing at my dad.

How cute. The only ones willing to wear the mouse ears.

Opening presents. Yes, more excitement for the birthday boy.

Or not. Ohhh, poor guy. This picture is so sad. I think he wanted to go play and daddy made him sit and open his presents.

That’s better! Finally getting to play. Papa showing the kids how it’s done.

Playing with blocks.

We gave Angel and Caleb their Christmas ornament at Caleb’s birthday party. Angel got a Dora.

Caleb got a Mickey Mouse of course. Finally a smile!

At one year old Caleb is the funniest little dude in town. He’s been walking now for about two weeks and still has that funny little wobble. Since he’s been walking he’s also been even more of a monster getting into anything and everything. Angel wasn’t really like that – she preferred to be held or just sit and read – and so this is different for us. He loves to get into the cupboards and dump and hide stuff. He especially loves to pound. Oh my word.

He’s just about outgrown his 12 months clothes. Most of his jeans are flood length! He is kinda a short little guy, short and stocky with a big chest and arms like his daddy (hee hee sorry daddy I think you’re both cute :)). As you can see from the pictures he’s a little blondy and his hair grows like crazy. He’s already had one haircut and is about due for another.

Even though you can’t really tell by his birthday pictures he does love to smile and laugh. His smile and his laugh is to die for. Big loud belly laugh. It’s so funny. He’s so ticklish and loves to hang upside down and bounce and jump around.

He’s still a stinker when it comes to eating. He’s very picky – sometimes. Sometimes he’ll eat everything and sometimes he’ll eat nothing – even when it’s the same food! He does have some favorites – cantaloupe, noodles, beans, and pretty much anything sweet or chocolate. He recently has realized the dogs when he’s eating and will feed them his food. He also had his first taste of their food – eww! He still has a bottle, but he’s cut back. He needs one to go to bed – yes I know this is not going to fun to wean. And he sometimes will have one in the morning and then usually one or two during the day.

Caleb sleeps like a champ. He’ll take morning and afternoon naps plus go to bed by 8:00 pm at the latest and sleep until 6:00 am. Every once in awhile will wake up in the middle of the night but not often, usually only when he’s teething (which is now!).  Speaking of teeth he hasn’t got any new ones since the last update. He’s got two on the bottom and four on top. I thought two more were coming in on the top but nothing yet. Overall he’s been really healthy with the exception of the bug he caught a few weeks ago. But within a couple days he was back to his cheerful self.

He is such a cuddler. He loves to hug. I know this won’t last long so I cherish every single one.  His first love is probably his little sister. They are so darn cute I can’t even take it. Angel is such a mommy to him. She’ll want to hug and kiss him all the time and he often gets ticked at her because he doesn’t like to hug that much! But now that he’s walking he’s following her around everywhere she goes. Angel is not liking that he’s startied taking her toys. The last few weeks have been quite a lesson on sharing and I think we have a long ways to go!  Caleb loves to read. He has started bringing books to us. He’ll sit for a long time and listen (and grunt) and point.

Pointing. It’s so funny. He points at everything. Again, I compare it to Angel and they are so different. I think alot of that is boy-girl difference. Caleb is all boy. He points at everything and laughs or grunts. He loves to point at pictures, especially of family or the dogs and he’ll start laughing. Not sure if we should be insulted by that or not!  The words he’s saying are “mama”, “dada”, “baba” (blanket or bottle – not sure) and “more”.  He just starting saying “more” a few days ago. We’ll try to get him say other words and he’ll move his lips really slow and not say anything.

As you can see from the pictures Caleb loves Mickey Mouse. That’s one of the shows we watch in the morning and as soon as it comes on he points and starts laughing. He also likes Angel’s favorite movie, “Up” but otherwise he doesn’t stay too interested in tv. He’s too busy walking around and getting into trouble.


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