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Out of the mouth of Angel

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“He’s my best friend.” (talking to Daddy about Caleb)


“How’s your family?” (She asked me one morning)


Me: “Are you comfy?”

Angel: “I’m comfortable.”


“Mama, you’re a good helper.”


I took Caleb to the bedroom to get his pj’s on. Angel was talking to Aunt Nellie.

Angel: “Is Caleb sick?”

Aunt Nellie: “Yes he is.”

Angel: “We should take him to the doctor!”


Angel: “Holy gosh!”

Me: “Angel! Where did you hear that from?”

Angel: “Holly (Princess).”


“I like your pretty dress.” (She says to me anytime I wear my long coat or a long shirt)


“Allie is a pretty doggy. I love her so much.”


The other day Caleb was suppose to be napping but was talking in his crib. Angel looks at me, rolls her eyes and says, “little brothers!”


“I’m sorry daddy…. what’s your problem anyway?” (After stepping on his foot)


“I love your pretty hair mommy.”


“Your hair looks funny.” (One morning after I had just blow dried my hair) (She’s so fickle)


“That’s a very good idea.” (After Grama Susie told her to draw her a picture of a horsey)


Hearing the garage open.

Angel: “Daddy’s home!”

A  few seconds later: “I love Daddy. I love him alot.”


Angel: “That’s a very good idea.” (After Aunt Nellie told her what she was making for supper)

Aunt Nellie: “Thank you Angel!”

Angel: You’re very welcome Nellie!”


Tonight Caleb was pretty crabby. She came up to him and tried to give him a hug and said, “What’s wrong little buddy?”


And finally. Singing the entire song. (Please excuse the location)

Another new routine

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1.  Today was my first day on the new job. It went really good.  Well other than the fact that my brain hurts and I have a major headache. I’m now working for JDS, the same company I worked for before I went to work for our church three years ago. When I worked at JDS before, I was the Asst Manager and Training Manager in the call center but this time around I’m a Customer Service Rep so I can work part-time.

2. I was almost late for my first day. Our alarm goes off at 5:30 am but I fell back to sleep and for some strange reason both kids slept in. So I woke up at 6:30 am and we had to be out the door by 7:30 am. Yikes. But we made it and I’m pretty sure no one even shed a tear.

3.  Today was the first time I’ve clocked in to a timecard system in over 7 years. That was weird.

4. I have a 30 minute lunch. It felt like 6 minutes.

5. I missed my church co-workers today. I really missed staff devotions they have every morning before starting the day.  I’m even more challenged now to keep myself immersed in God’s Word.

6. My husband also works at JDS. I saw him twice today. It was weird. Good weird.

7. At the church we had Mac computers. Really nice Macs. At my new old job I’ll have a Thin Client which is a step down from a PC.  That’s very weird. And not really in a good way.

8. My day consisted of a few hours of training in the morning, listening to phone calls, entering test orders and reading procedures online.  Everyone was so helpful.  I was also asked alot if it was weird to be back.  Well yes, yes it was.

9. Everyone thinks I’m wacko to work three-10 hours days. Yes I am. I’m a wacko in love with my kids.

10. Pat made us a yummy chocolate cake tonight.  (You’re welcome for the random #10 thought.)

A new routine

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Today was the first day of me being a part-time stay at home mom. This week is a little different as I’ll be training so I had today off and then will work Tuesday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Then come next week I’ll work Monday-Wednesday 8:30 am – 7:00 pm and have Thursday-Sunday off.

This was what my day home looked like today:

5:30 am – Angel awake and at our door. Didn’t she remember that I told her we could sleep in today? Guess not.

6:30 am – Caleb wakes up.

7:00 am – Breakfast. I’m still in my pj’s.

7:15 am – Pat leaves for work. The wife and his two children are not crying or screaming as is usually the case every morning.

7:45 am – Kids are done eating. I clean up. They start playing and fighting with Mr Potato Heads.

8:30 am – Caleb is whiney and clingy. He wants his bottle, which we are trying to wean him from. He’s walking around the house “crying” and saying “mama mama” and “baba baba”.

9:00 am – Caleb down for his nap. Or so I thought.

9:30 am – I look at the clock and it’s only 9:30 am. I’m exhausted.

9:45 am – Caleb decides he doesn’t want to nap. I get him out of his crib but he’s definitely still tired so we rock until he finally gives in and falls asleep.  And then I rock him a little bit longer.

10:00 am – Angel and I “redecorate” the basement. I actually just rearranged the furniture and organized the toys but she likes to call it redecorating. In between redecorating I finish up the laundry. Angel makes pictures with stickers in between telling me that my redecorating looks perfect. At one point I start wearing her sunglasses and she says to me, “Mama you look fabulous.”

11:00 am – Caleb is awake. Hi 5 is on. Dance party with me and two little munchkins.

11:30 am – Lunch time. Beans, cantaloupe, jello, cheese and cottage cheese.

12:00 pm – Yahoo. Daddy’s home for lunch. Oops I forgot to make him something. I’m still getting the hang of this being home thing.

1:00 pm – Nap time for both kiddos.

1:05 pm – Let the house cleaning begin. I finished up the boat load of dishes that had been on my counter for a week. Yes, a week. I’ll be the first to admit I’m the world’s worst house keeper.  The major dishpan hands I had after washing dishes for 45 minutes was totally worth it to get every single dish clean in my house.

2:00 pm – Sat down with my laptop and a bowl of chocolate ice cream. If that was wrong of me I don’t want to be right.

2:15 pm – Back to cleaning. Cleaned the kitchen and dining room and finished laundry.

2:45 pm – Caleb woke up. Again though he didn’t really want to wake up but wanted to rock. So we rocked for a little bit.

3:15 pm – Caleb woke up for good. We went upstairs and woke up Angel. Snack time. Watched a little bit of Dora while I finished up cleaning the kitchen.

3:30 pm – Two crabby kiddos. Fighting over the Mr Potato Heads. Again. Started reading books but Caleb just kept throwing temper tantrums. Not sure why. Maybe because he can.

4:00 pm – Went back downstairs. Maybe a change of scenery will help with the crabby kids. Sure did. Just played and tried to finished organizing the toys.

5:00 pm – Back upstairs to get ready to head out. Pat and I had to go to church to do an In Design training for the church staff and so the kiddos were going to Grama Barb’s. I think after an entire day with Mommy they were very happy to see Grama Barb!

7:30 pm – Home from training. Cuddle and play with the kiddos. Caleb bedtime at 8:30 pm. Angel bedtime at 9:00 pm. It was a great day. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to have more time at home.