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We drove to my parent’s house on New Years Eve right after work. Kiddos didn’t make a peep. Whoever invented portable dvd players should get a million dollars. Oh ya. Considering how much those suckers cost they probably have.

We had a wild and crazy New Year’s Eve celebration on Thursday night. Or not.

It was me and Pat’s anniversary but since we’re old and decrepit we were in bed by 10:00 pm. Separate beds even. How romantic is that.

Normally when we stay at my parents house me, Pat and the babies sleep in the same room. Angel is a very light sleeper and so this never works out well. Caleb makes a sound and then she wakes up and is up for the rest of the night.  Well my parents recently finished their basement and so there are two single beds and one double bed. We decided Caleb would get his own room – the room we normally have upstairs – and me, Pat and Angel would sleep downstairs.

We all go down to bed and we get Angel settled in her single bed in the corner. And then Pat says he gets the other single bed. I wasn’t offended at all. I was actually a little happy because I would have my very own bed for the first time in a long time. Ok, I was a little offended but it didn’t last long. We slept like babies. Babies that sleep through the whole night.

That’s right. Seven years of marriage and it’s only gettin’ better.

So anyway Friday we celebrated Christmas with my family. We had a nice dinner right around noon and then the babies got to open some presents.

Caleb wasn’t so sure about his new Mickey Mouse doll but eventually warmed up to him.

For the longest time my parents have been saying they are going to buy Angel a pony. As in a real live pony. Well Angel was thrilled when they got her the next best thing for Christmas.

Oh my word. She is in love. And we are ready to lose our mind. You see, the new little pony sings and talks. I have the song memorized so here let me sing it to you…

I’m a little pony clippity clap clippity clap
Such a pretty pony clippity clap clippity clap
I love to have my coat brushed underneath the old oak tree

Sorry, by the time it gets to the fourth line we start to lose our mind. It’s kinda scary to be honest.

It’s also scary because the pretty little pony is always staring at us. See, look.

Leave me alone you creepy little pony.

Sorry, I think I’ve gotten a little sidetracked. The pony does that to you.

Friday night was another exciting night, i.e., trying to decide if we should go to a movie and then going to bed early in separate beds. Saturday we left for home around noon and then did venture out on a date on Saturday night.

We were going to go to Avatar but instead decided to have a date where we actually talk to each other. Pat took me to Olive Garden (my favorite) and we ate way too much. It was worth it though to have a nice night out with my man. The waiter totally rocked. He gave us like 25 mints when we went to leave and so we gave him a $10 tip. I know – we live on the edge like that.

Sunday was a great lazy day. Especially lazy because both kids had colds. Pat and I took turns going to church – me at 8:00 and him at 9:30. And then we laid low the rest of the day.

That is if you consider laying low riding the pretty pony and singing the pretty pony song over and over and over.


One thought on “Weekend wrap up

    Mom said:
    January 4, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    OMG Missy! I am laughing my head off. You are too funny!

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