A hypothetical situation

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1. Husband tells you that he needs to run to the store and asks if you want to go with. You look at the clock and realize it’s close to 4:00 pm and think that maybe if you say yes you could also get dinner out.

2. You tell your 2-year old to go tell daddy, “let’s go to Pizza Ranch.” She does.  You give the coupon for Pizza Ranch to 2-year old to give to daddy. She does.

3. The family is loaded up and goes to two stores. Oh what a coincidence. It’s 5:30 pm, time for dinner and you have a Pizza Ranch coupon.

4. The family goes to Pizza Ranch. It’s packed. The illusion of a nice quiet family dinner at Pizza Ranch is shattered. You haven’t even sat down and it’s already stressful.

5. Husband offers to sit with the kids while you get food. You take your cup, the 2-year old’s cup and try to juggle 3 plates along with the cups. You realize you are not even close to being super mom.

6. You load your plates with food because you have to have enough for yourself and your two young children. You wouldn’t want them to go hungry.

7. The two-year old is actually eating very nice compared to most dinner experiences. The one-year old is behaving like a monster, trying to slide out of his high chair and throwing his food. The people around you are looking at you like you’re a fruitcake.

8. Speaking of fruitcake you can’t wait to have the blueberry dessert.

9. The Pizza Ranch employees come around often asking to take your plates. Unfortunately this just causes you to make three additional trips to the buffet.  Because of course you don’t want your children to go hungry.

10. You tell yourself your four trips to the buffet are a good thing because since you don’t get to go out very often you want to get your moneys worth.  You also don’t want your children to go hungry so on your fifth trip to the buffet you get two blueberry desserts and two bowls of ice cream.

11. When the one-year old starts screaming you realize it’s time to go.  You’re pretty sure your kids got enough to eat and will not go hungry.  You on the other hand were about to convince yourself that you need to make another trip to the buffet because you want to get your moneys worth. Thank goodness the one-year old started screaming.

12. All in all, besides the screaming, throwing of food and a soon-to-be Pizza Ranch buffet induced coma, it was a great dinner with your family.


One thought on “A hypothetical situation

    sincerelyanna said:
    January 12, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I’m simply impressed that you got packed up and in the car AND went to two stores plus a restaurant in 2-3 hours. I say you earned that pizza induced coma!

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