Clean up in isle 10

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On Saturday afternoon I found myself at the grocery store.  My work Christmas party was Saturday night and I had decided to make these asparagus appetizers and had to pick up the ingredients.

My heart had been heavy all week.  I think about Haiti constantly and the many lives that have been tragically effected and will continue to be effected for months, even years.  So my heart was heavy as I picked up my few items at the store.

I turned the corner towards the meat department and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I saw an employee filling up the refrigerator units with meat that was on sale. I looked down a little farther and there was another employee with a big tall rack of meat, filling another area.  Every where I looked there was so much food. Rows and rows of it. Stacked six, eight, ten deep. There was so much food.

I stopped in the middle of the isle and put my head on the cart and cried. The tears came and I couldn’t stop myself from weeping.  I was so sad. And so mad.  Sad and mad that we had all this stuff. And they, the people of Haiti, have so little.

I finished my shopping slowly. Slowly because I had to keep convincing myself not to put my $2.49/lb asparagus and $7.99/lb black forest ham back. Or better yet not yell at the top of my lungs and throw it across the store. Did anyone else see all this stuff? This stuff that we take for granted and waste? Is anyone else experiencing this overwhelming sense of sadness and hopelessness?  My whole world seemed to spin as I walked up to the cash register, trying to justify the need for so much stuff.

I cried again when I got to my car. I cried again today as we prayed at church. I cried again tonight as I watched 60 Minutes. And I’m sure I’ll cry many more times in the days to come. I wish that I could be one of the doctors or relief workers or military in Haiti. Being a part of the recovery. But with each tear I’ll pray. And I know that’s just as important too.

Be merciful to the people of Haiti, O LORD, for they are in distress; their eyes grow weak with sorrow, their soul and body with grief. Psalm 31:9


2 thoughts on “Clean up in isle 10

    Jenny said:
    January 17, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    No, you’re not the only one. Far from it. I know I’ve been MIA when it comes to blogging lately, but I still read you and a host of other people.

    Haiti is always on my mind. Draining my dish water – how many people need to drink this? At the store, seeing all the abundance, I’m like you. My soul weeps and is broken. I haven’t watched much news about it, just a very little. I’m following on Twitter a lot of people either there or heavily involved. My heart can’t take it.
    “But with each tear I’ll pray”…I hadn’t thought of it like that. Thank you. I’m like you, I want to do something tangible, but I can’t. But we can pray. So many many prayers – those for the aid coming in, for those still alive and not found, for the (literally) walking wounded, for the orphanages running out of supplies, for water, sweet precious water…

    Faith Treague said:
    January 18, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    Yes I an there too. I feel so blessed for all that we have and take for granted. I watched the SUnday morning show and cried and cried and am now but what a great thought to say a prayer for each tear. You are a great writer!!! Blessings Faith

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