Caleb, 13 months

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Oh my precious baby boy. Before Caleb was born I was nervous about having a boy. I grew up with two brothers, but still, having Angel home for almost exactly a year I was so in love with my little girl. But of course, I’m also so in love with my baby boy.

Who has turned into a terror.

But we’ll get to that in a second.

We’re a month behind on his well baby check ups and so he just had his 12 month on Tuesday. He weighs 22 pounds – 30th percentile. And he is 31 inches high – 75th percentile. Of course his head was still in the 90th percentile. We were so surprised he wasn’t heavier and shorter. We thought he was short and fat. Everyone tells us he’s huge and I guess he is tall but it’s a little deceiving because he’s got such short stubby legs. He tottles around the house with his broad shoulders and big head grunting and yelling. If he wasn’t so cute he’d be a little scary.

He’s wearing 18 month clothes but I actually just stopped at the consignment store tonight and picked up some 24 month pants because all his pants are too short. Which doesn’t jive with the “short stubby leg” thing so I’m not entirely sure why his clothes are too small.

He’s not really a big eater. Up until about a week ago he was still drinking 36-40 ounces of whole milk every day. Plus eating three meals and at least two snacks a day. Yes, he loves his bottle. No, we have not successfully weaned him yet. Within the last week we have cut out 2-3 bottles. He no longer gets one in the morning or at lunch or in the middle of the afternoon just because he’s sad and wants a bottle. He does still get one for his morning nap, afternoon nap and at bedtime. I have a feeling we’re going to have to go cold turkey because very rarely will he go to sleep without his bottle. I know – bad parents for allowing that in the first place. Oh well. I keep telling myself he won’t be 14 and needing a bottle to get to sleep. I hope.

He is still very picky about his food. His favorites are noddles, cottage cheese, any kind of cheese, most veggies, cantaloupe and did I mention cheese? For snacks he likes popcorn (we bite the kernel part off and no, this is not fun at all to eat popcorn with him because we spend the whole time getting him pieces and he eats so fast he gets mad when we don’t have one ready), anything chocolate, crackers and cheese.  He’ll also eat other foods, sometimes if he’s in the mood. Depends on the day. And the color of his shirt. And whether or not I cook it or Daddy cooks it. Just kidding. I don’t know the reason he’s so weird about his food. I guess he’s just weird.

I’ve asked him why he’s so weird about his food but he just points and grunts. I think that means he’s a momma’s boy and he’ll be picky if he wants.

Speaking of grunting and pointing that’s pretty much all he does. He’ll say “mama” but usually only when he’s mad and wants a bottle. He’ll say “grama” and “baba” and “dada”. This is definitely different than Angel. She was carrying on 30 minute conversations by the time she was 13 months. Ok, not really but she was talking alot. I understand now why parents often teach their babies and toddlers sign language because I can imagine it’s not going to be fun in the next few months trying to understand what Caleb wants. The grunting and pointing can only get us so far.  Just within the last few weeks he’s been trying to say animal sounds. He’ll do the “moo” pretty good and now tonight he was trying to say “arf arf” except he would say “uh uh”. All the other animals are just grunts. He’ll also wave bye-bye and blow kisses.

He certainly understands every word we say.

For example when he’s dumping out my cupboard – for the 8th time that day – and I tell him no, he’ll look at me and laugh and keep dumping. Or when he grabs a toy and we know he’s headed for the garbage can we’ll say, “Caleb don’t put that in the garbage”, and he’ll start laughing and running to try to beat us to the garbage can. He pretty much likes to destroy, touch, throw or dump anything in site.

At our well baby check up we got a hand out about discipline and they gave the suggestion of having a playpen that’s the timeout area. So when you tell your toddler no and he continues to disobey – like that ever happens – you put them in the playpen for one minute. So we might have to try that. Because right now when Caleb does something naughty we firmly tell him no and he laughs at us. Every single time. It’s so hard not to laugh right back at him because he’s so darn cute. But when he’s emptied my cupboard for the 8th time in a 30 minute time period it’s enough to drive me bonkers.

(Why don’t we just put a latch on it? Because it’s a lazy susan and we can’t find anything that will work. The best solution is to probably move all my stuff out of the two lazy susans but he still likes to get in them and spin them and get his fingers and big head caught. Any ideas?).

Dinnertime is a nightmare. Thankfully Grama Susie bought magnetic letters and numbers for Angel and so that usually keep the kids busy while I’m trying to make supper.

My house doesn’t fare too well but I guess life is about give and take. I give up the hope of ever having a clean house again and I take Tylenol every night between 5 and 6 pm.

Caleb isn’t really impressed with tv. Even Mickey Mouse doesn’t keep his attention for long anymore. Angel will keep entertained for 30 minutes while I try to get supper ready but Caleb not so much. So far other than the letters and numbers nothing really keeps him occupied – well other than dumping out my cupboards. And yes I have allowed him to do that too just so I could get supper on the table. The first time I let Caleb do this Pat came home to find our entire pantry of canned goods and boxed foods spread out all over the kitchen and dining room. Thankfully he’s a smart man and didn’t say anything.

Caleb loves to take a bath. But he also still loves to stand in the bath and then fall down, hit his head and almost drown. So he also still takes very short baths. He loves to play with his sister. LOVES. IT. They run after each other and wrestle and sometimes play nice together. Usually when there are toys involved they fight over who has which toy so that’s not always so much fun. I love hearing them play together and laugh. They both think the other is the coolest kid in town. And I’d have to agree with them both.

He loves to read. Well actually he loves to be read to. Every once in awhile he’ll sit and read but most of the time he’ll hand you the book to read. And if you don’t he gets ticked. And after you read the first book he’ll ask you (by grunting of course) to read it again or pick another book to have you read.

Looking for his favorite book – Brown Bear Brown Bear

Ah ha! Found it and giving it to Daddy.

Daddy and Caleb reading.

He doesn’t like to go outside. Now granted the only time we’ve been outside it’s been cold or we’ve had a foot of snow. So I guess he’s taken after his mama when it comes to snow. Hopefully he’ll learn to like it once it gets nicer because Angel could live outside. Caleb does still seem to be a little sensitive. Yes, he’s a bruiser and walks around like a big tough football player but he also falls down alot and cries alot and gets upset very easily and then wants a hug from mom or dad or anyone nearby. He’ll lay his head down on the chair or couch and cry. Or he’ll cuddle up with his blanket. And he’s recently started having temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and will throw himself on the floor and cry. I think it’s cute. Ok, maybe not.

Well I’m sure I’ll remember more things about our Bubba as soon as I post this. Oh ya, that’s what we call him most of the time – is Bubba. Even Angel will call him that. In her sweet little voice she’ll say, “What’s wrong Bubba?” or “I love you Bubba”. It’s so precious.

I just put Caleb to bed – a little early tonight. It’s usually 8:00-8:30 but he had a short nap today. As I rocked him I told him how much I loved him and that I couldn’t believe he was already 13 months old. And that he hardly fit in my arms anymore.  I told him I’m going to miss it when he no longer wants to walk around the house holding my hand and or gives hugs and cuddle.  I told him that we love that he gives kisses so freely and that it melts my heart when he’s sad or mad he’ll say “mama mama mama mama”.

I’m so thankful for our Bubba and look forward to many more (Lord willing) exciting, sometimes frustrating and memory making days!

Angel chasing Caleb and then both of them jumping on me.

And the live version:


2 thoughts on “Caleb, 13 months

    Jessi said:
    January 22, 2010 at 10:27 am

    We had a problem with the twins getting into our lazy susan. Ethan would use it as a ladder and climb up on the counter. We got two shims and put them on each side. He was TICKED when he couldn’t open it. After awhile, he figured out that he could remove them, but we kept replacing them. He pretty much leaves it alone now. Maybe too much effort to get it open? Just an idea!

      Missy said:
      January 22, 2010 at 6:38 pm

      Thanks – we’ll try it!

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