Month: February 2010

Big grandioso failure

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You’re wondering what I’m doing?

Oh nothing. AS USUAL.


As you might have read about here I had this big grandioso plan to cut back on blogging and get busy writing a book. Because I had this big grandioso thought that I was suppose to write a book.  But my big grandioso plan has turned into a big grandioso failure.

I wonder if grandioso is an actual word.

(Googling grandioso)

Yep it is.

Anyway, so my goal when I cut back on blogging to write a book was to write at least two devotions every day. Within the past week and a half I’ve written three.

Like the one about the psycho rooster we had when we were growing up and how one day it attacked me.

I KNOW. You’re just dying to get your hands on this big grandioso weirdo of a book.

So anyway. Even though I consider my lame three devotions to be a big grandioso failure, I have thought of ideas for over sixty devotions (in addition to the 30 I do already have written). But I just can’t seem to find the time or make myself or take the time to actually write these devotions.


So I decided I’m going to start blogging again.  Maybe.  Or maybe I’ll just keep doing nothing. Or maybe I’ll just sit here and think of big funny sounding words. I seem to be good at that. My goal will be two a day.

The words for today are: grandioso craziness.

Sleeping arrangements

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Last night Angel and Caleb shared a bedroom for the first time.

And it might just be their last.

We only have two bedrooms on the main level and so when Caleb was born and ready to sleep in his crib, we moved Angel’s bedroom downstairs. That lasted about six months until she realized everyone else was sleeping upstairs. So then we moved Angel’s bedroom upstairs and Caleb downstairs.  That has been going just fine but now Caleb is starting to realize everyone else sleeps upstairs.

And let me just be honest. When he wakes up three times in the middle of the night I’d much rather prefer to walk across the hall then walk downstairs.  You’d think since that’s the only exercise I want to keep his bedroom down there as long as possible.  But we also have a friend who needs a place to stay for a few weeks so we have no choice but to do some rearranging. We still have Princess’s bedroom downstairs and even though she’s not using it, we have our office in there and she has to go through all her stuff before her wedding in June.  So we decided the best option was to have Angel and Caleb share the bedroom upstairs. They love each other to death and maybe, just maybe, Angel wouldn’t be scared anymore in the middle of the night since she has a roomie.

The first challenge was bed time. Caleb’s bed time is 8:00 pm. This is per his request. I’ve tried to keep him up later, especially when I was working full time so we could have more time with him. But by 8:00, 8:30 at the latest he is a crabby monster and just wants his blanket, bottle and bed.

Angel on the other hand could stay up til 11:00 pm, wake up three times in the middle of the night and then be up an at ’em at 6:00 am ready to face the world. It also takes alot to get Angel to bed. Rocking, reading books, rubbing back, singing, praying, crying, rocking, praying again. So I wasn’t sure how that was going to work if Caleb was already in bed sleeping.

Our first night we kept Caleb up until 8:30 pm and then we all headed upstairs. They had had baths earlier in the day so we got pj’s on and I thought I’d get Caleb to sleep first. I asked Angel to lay down in her bed while I rocked Caleb. We rocked for a little bit and then I tried to lay him in his crib but he wanted nothing to do with that.

Oh ya. Lately he’s ready to go to bed by 8:00-8:30 pm and he wants to go to bed but he doesn’t want to lay in his crib all by himself. He wants mommy to rock him until he falls asleep.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have picked this night to break him of this habit. He’s also got 6 teeth breaking through so he’s a little crabby about that and then we switch his bedroom and then mommy makes him lay in his crib all by himself!

So our first night of a shared bedroom didn’t start out so well. Caleb laid in his crib and cried. Angel laid in her bed and kept asking me why Caleb was crying and then would sing the ABC’s and Bushel and a Peck to try to calm Caleb down. I was rocking in the rocking chair praying that God would work a miracle and both kids would fall asleep and wondering how in the world this was going to work.

This went on for 15 minutes until I finally woke from my state of idiocy and decided to just rock Caleb to sleep. While I was doing that Angel started to get restless but thankfully Caleb was so wiped out from crying that he fell to sleep pretty quick. I then was able to cuddle and pray and rub Angel’s back (quietly) for a little bit before finally, 30 minutes after we started, leave the bedroom.

Fast forward a few hours. Midnight. Angel wakes up and starts crying. Caleb wakes up when Angel starts crying and he starts crying. I try to rock Caleb back to sleep but Angel is crying and whining so loudly that it’s not working. I finally give in and tell Angel to go get in bed with Daddy – just this one time. And she trots into our bedroom laughing all the way.

Caleb goes to sleep. He now has his own bedroom upstairs. Angel sleeps with us. Although “sleep” is not really the right word to use. Toss and turn and whine and cry and kick would be more like it.

I’m such a wimp I’m ready to call it quits. Unfortunately though we don’t really have a plan B because our two other bedrooms aren’t available right now. A friend of mine told me they are on month 4 of trying to get their kids to sleep in the same room. That was an encouragement to me to persevere.  But if anyone has any idea or suggestions I’d love to hear them.  And we’ll see what tonight brings.

The flower girl chronicles

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Angel is going to be a flower girl in Princess’s upcoming June wedding. She has been so excited about wearing a “pretty dress” and last week we got to go to the bridal store and do a fitting for her dress.

We had told her that morning when she woke up that it was the day she got to go get her pretty dress. She of course doesn’t have a good concept of time yet and so was pretty frustrated with mommy and daddy that we couldn’t go right then.  We made it through breakfast and then eventually morning naps and then it was time.

The dress they had in the store was a 2T and it fit almost perfect.  It was a little too big which is perfect since she’ll probably grow a little before June. She loved twirling and was rather distraught when it was time to take it off. Again, she couldn’t quite understand what it meant that we had to order it and that she couldn’t take that exact pretty dress home.

When we actually left the store she had a major meltdown because she wanted to take her pretty dress home. She kept crying, “My pretty dress, my pretty dress.” After a few minutes of crying she stopped, looked at me and said, “I miss Holly (Princess).”

I know sweetie. Don’t we all.