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On the way home from work tonight my teeth chattered and I couldn’t seem to get warm. My muscles ached for warmth and my vehicle groaned after sitting outside for 10 hours. Now I sit here bundled up with two fuzzy blankets eating ice cream.

Spoiled? Check.

Crazy? Check. Check.

Even though I complain about being cold, I am thankful for our home and garage, warm clothes and money to pay the heat bill through the winter. Very thankful.

But still I long for summer. For the warmth of the sunshine on my face. For fun times in the backyard and maybe even a few trips to the swimming pool this year. For not having to bundle up every time we go outside or fight the kids to keep their hats and mittens on. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be home with my kids two days a week. In the winter it’s a good opportunity to color, play hide and seek, watch movies and maybe get a little housework done. But when the summer comes you’ll find us outside. Planting our garden that I’ve been promising myself I’d plant for the past three years. Road trips to my parent’s house at the river which will also include fishing and boat rides and swimming in the river. Bike rides. Going on walks. Jeep rides with the top down. Trips to the library down the street and a stop at the park.

I’m thankful for today and the blessings we have. Especially warm fuzzy blankets and ice cream. But I long for summer.


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