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~I started my new schedule at my new job this week which means I don’t have to work tomorrow or Friday!   Unless you call taking care of two kiddos, changing diapers, wiping noses, settling arguments, cleaning house and whatever else the day brings work. I call it AWESOME.

~Of course at about 9:12 am when Caleb is tired and cranky and starts having meltdowns and Angel has had enough of cranky Caleb stealing her toys so starts pushing him and being whiny I’m not sure I will be calling it awesome. On second thought it will probably still be awesome just an exhausting awesome.

~My parents are hopefully coming to visit us tomorrow! Stay away snow – you are not awesome!

~Tonight I said to Angel, “Grama and Papa might be coming to see you tomorrow.” She said, “That would be so cool!” She is awesome.

~Tonight I made brownies. After I put them in the oven me, Angel and Caleb sat on the floor in the kitchen and took turns licking the bowl. It was fun and a memory that will be forever etched in my mind. When the bowl was licked clean I put it in the sink and Caleb had a major meltdown because he wanted more. He thinks chocolate is awesome.

~On Friday we have a Super Bowl party lunch at work. This includes a chili cook-off and Pat is entering for the third year in a row. Two years ago he got first place. Last year his chili was so hot it burnt off everyone’s taste buds. He did not get first place last year. This year he claims he’s going to tone it down a bit. That would be awesome honey.

~I’m kinda sad the first part of American Idol is done – in case you’re not in the AI loop, Hollywood week starts next week. I love watching these first weeks, especially when the yellow ticket winners come out from the judges and are screaming and jumping and their family is screaming and jumping and Ryan is smiling from ear to ear. It’s awesome. And makes me cry every single time.

~I’m not so awesome at math. This is not so awesome because when I was figuring what I’d have to make for me to cut back my hours (for me to be home Thursdays and Fridays) I figured a little wrong and so now instead of making what I thought was $1000 less a year we are going to be making $4000 less a year. Not. so. awesome.

~We serve an awesome God and if we do awesome on our budget I’m hoping we’ll be ok. I’m going to try to just hope and not worry.

~We miss Princess. Nothing awesome about that except just seeing her name makes me remember her awesomeness.

~Heading to bed soon. Need to get rested up for my first four day awesome weekend. Hopefully the first of many.

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