Month: March 2010

My joy box overflows

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This past weekend I got all organized and started to chip away at my to-do list. I also did a few things that weren’t on my to-do list. Like go through my joy box.

I can’t remember where I got the idea from, but basically my joy box is a shoe box and I keep cards, letters, notes and anything that’s special to me.  Then when I’m having a bad day or week or month I can get out my joy box and be encouraged.  It’s been a long time since I’ve looked through it and since we’ve been married Pat has been saving his cards and notes too so we’ve accumulated alot of joy!

Here are a few things I found:

A Mother’s Day card from Princess from many years ago. Love the scripture she choose – how prophetic.

Letters from my cousin Sarah when she was in high school:

The very first card I got from my good friend Trina. She was my best friend in college and I’m sad to say we lost touch when I got divorced. Thankfully though we recently reconnected.

And a whole pile of cards and notes from her.  She’s a loving, forgiving, encouraging friend and I miss her alot. Her and her family now live in Belgium where they work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Cards from my adoptive sisters, Dawn and Mandi when I was in college. They were in high school when their family “adopted” me, Trina and two of our friends. So many great memories. I found alot of cards and notes from them!

A card from my friend Shelley, a previous co-worker. I have alot of cards from Shelley too, all of them homemade or unique in some way but usually with a picture of a dog. Our love of puppy dogs bonded us together.

A Valentine’s Day card from my wonderful hubby.

Hee hee. Love the coupon thing.

A letter from Pat that he wrote to his dad when he was going through his divorce. His dad died when he was just 3 and so this was a way for him to share his feelings.

A big pile of cards to Pat from yours truly. I sure hope his love language is cards/notes.

A book from my mom. She gave this to us as a Christmas present a few years ago. Well at least three years ago.

Because her prayer for me was that I would have a child some day. Thanks for praying for me mom!

Notes from Princess. We have lots of these from Princess. Oh, she’s grown up way too fast.

Letters from my mom. Can you see the mailing address? These were all delivered to me when I was on a band/choir tour my Senior year of high school. We went to 8 different countries and at each stop there was a letter for me. So amazing. Especially for a scared 18 year-old on her first trip away from home.

A poster that my old co-workers (who are now my new co-workers) made and posted around the building on my 30th birthday.

A card from Pat. One of those “just for the heck of it” cards. LOVE those. Especially the ones that perfectly describe our relationship (the toilet paper thing is right on) and make me smile big. And always signed “your loving husband”. That makes me smile too.

A letter from my Grandma. And a story that deserves it’s own post.

And then she made me cry

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I was going to write more about my joy box today but I had to share how awesome Princess is.

Today on her Facebook status she wrote seventy-five as in 75 days until her and Prankster’s wedding.

Because I like to tease her love her so much I wrote the following comments:

…dollars in my bank account?

…words to describe how much I miss my step-mommy?

…days since my last shower?

…number of Dove chocolates I ate today?

Well tonight I checked my email and had an email from my precious girl.  The email said:

Partially because I can. Partially because I don’t want to pay attention in New Testament.

And then I read 75 things Princess loves about me. And cried.  While I don’t think 1/2 of them are true and she should probably pay attention in class, I’m glad she didn’t because it totally made my day!  Here’s her list:

1.      You have pretty hair

2.      You buy me chocolate

3.      You have coffee dates with me

4.      You like Gilmore Girls

5.      You like to be lazy with me

6.      You love my Daddy

7.      You write a ridiculous blog (that I love)

8.      You are vulnerable in your weaknesses

9.      You love all your children

10.  You are honest with your family

11.  You taught me how to swallow pills

12.  You pick on me

13.  You play games with me

14.  You take lots of fun pictures with your babies (and let me see them)

15.  You care about the way you look

16.  You are supportive of my decisions

17.  You tell me when you think I’m wrong

18.  You have a wonderful smile

19.  You look good in color

20.  You are a wonderful planner

21.  You love Jesus

22.  You have an awesome laugh

23.  You have great cheekbones!

24.  You change your mind

25.  You actually use your facebook account

26.  You have a chubby faced baby

27.  You have a flaming red headed baby

28.  You want more babies

29.  You like lists

30.  You care about people

31.  You act on those compassions for people

32.  You watch little kid videos on youtube

33.  You relentlessly follow Jesus

34.  You are my step-mommy

35.  You go on dates with me

36.  You go on dates with my Daddy

37.  You have cute teeth

38.  You are blunt

39.  You like movies

40.  You miss me

41.  You help me plan my wedding

42.  You open your home to random people (mainly my friends)

43.  You scrapbook

44.  You are more artsy than you let on to be

45.  You mail me silly care packages

46.  You are learning to think like Jesus

47.  You admit when you fail

48.  You like to bake

49.  You text

50.  You video tape your children doing really strange things

51.  You teach your babies about Jesus

52.  You like to rock out every once in awhile

53.  You dedicate and commit yourself to things

54.  You like “Spring Cleaning”

55.  You are a bargain shopper

56.  You can make a fool of yourself

57.  You enjoy yourself

58.  You reward yourself

59.  You are bold

60.  You are loving

61.  You are brave

62.  You steal Daddy’s clothes

63.  You chalk with your kiddos

64.  You support child addictions

65.  You have pretty handwriting

66.  You doodle like crazy

67.  You make menus

68.  You like cheese

69.  You are humble

70.  You play cards

71.  You are an advocate for “Family Night”

72.  You dress up your babies

73.  You use everything you have

74.  You are self sacrificial

75.  You rock

Princess, you rock. And I love you so much!

Things I love

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~On a Saturday morning looking into our bedroom to see Angel snuggled up in a little ball against Daddy while Caleb sleeps on top of Daddy. Oh my heart can only take so much.

~Angel helping me cook.

~Remembering that I had bought Angel an apron. Caleb getting upset that he didn’t have one so making my apron into Caleb’s apron.

~Caleb’s funny face when he gets his picture taken.

~A beautiful sunny day. Doing yard work outside. Going on a walk.

~Kicking Pat out of the house (in love) on a Saturday night to hang out with my brother. Watching cheesy movies all by myself.

~This diaper giveway from Frugally Thrifty.

~Ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. Especially when you enjoy it with family.

~Angel and Janai enjoying their ice cream.

~Angel and Caleb in awe of baby Jude. I’m pretty sure Angel is saying, “Daddy please can’t we have another baby?” And baby Jude is saying, “Whoa you’ve got some red hair!”

~Hearing Angel share: “Caleb, here’s an orange one.” (An orange fruit snack because she doesn’t like that color. Still, it’s sharing.)

~When I tell Caleb “It’s night-night time Caleb.” And then watch him give kisses into the air and to Angel and Daddy.

~Sovereign Grace music. (Thanks Ryan and Barbara)

~My joy box (more on that tomorrow).