The Princess’s Royal Ball

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Enjoy this guest post – wedding update from Princess!

Plans are well underway for this young Princess. Invitations designed, guest list crafted, dress neatly woven, court all gathered, elegant menu selected, and the Prankster of her dreams is anxiously waiting for the big day to arrive. Every little girl dreams of the day when they get to slip into that white gown and string their arm through their Daddy’s, and walk down that aisle laced with glittery flower petals towards their Prince Prankster Charming. This Princess’s day is coming so quickly, it’s all a fairy tale. Prankster and Princess will become Mr. and Mrs. before all their friends and family on that balmy summer day. The countdown is on and is crouching towards the 100 day mark. Pray for this royal couple as we continue to plan what our life together will look like and seek God’s Will.

Well, all of this “Happily Ever After” stuff took place a couple weeks ago. We are now spinning in circles under 100 days until the wedding! Woohooo! Ya… Let me say it again. WOOOHOOOOOO! This Princess is totally ready to marry her Prankster.

A couple weeks ago I was still enjoying a time of not really having to do anything, but I’m beginning to find more projects to entertain myself with, other than the joy of doing homework. Lists are always fun.

Guest list: under construction

Invitations: designed. Preparing for printing

Envelopes: semi-addressed, about ¼

Table Centerpieces: designed…

Flowers: picked! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Food: How could anyone be disappointed? It’s food.

Men’s Attire: Still looking.

Shoes: umm… pretty sure you all know about my fascination with shoes. Well, originally I had planned to have my pretty heels with ruffles to be dyed bright blue. After they arrive in the store they tell me that they can’t be dyed because they are SILK! WHAT!? Not a happy bride. Pretty sure I turned into a whiny Bridezilla for about a week, and it’s still a touchy subject, but a semi-reasonable remedy has surfaced, I suppose.

Dress: purchased, altered, and now hanging at home (no peeking Mr. Prankster)

Honeymoon plans: continuously changing, but it’s looking warm.

Come on June!

OH! And in other good news: My Wonder-Woman of a Maid of Honor (my best friend and cousin for all my life!) is throwing my bridal shower this weekend (along with the help of my step mom, mom, and mom-in-law-to be). So Excited.

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