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~Today both my kiddos were sick for the fourth day in a row.

~Today I finally caved and called for a doctor appointment for them.

~Today I realized I should have called the doctor two days ago because Caleb for sure and probably Angel have RSV.

~Today for the fourth 900th day in a row I hated leaving my babies to go to work, I hated the debt we have that prevents me from staying home full time, I hated the guilt I felt for leaving my sick kids, I hated the assumption I made that people would make assumptions about my working outside the home, I hated leaving my babies.

~Today I gave Caleb a nebulizer treatment.

~Today it rained and snowed. And I really missed the sun.

~Today the following conversation was overheard at the doctor’s office:

Nurse: Angel and Caleb

Angel: That’s me. I’m sick and need to see the doctor.

~Today we put Angel’s bed in our bedroom. Hopefully both kids will sleep through the night without hearing each other cough.

~Today I felt really lazy when I decided to order Steak Out delivery instead of making supper.

~Today I only got one load of laundry done.

~Today I realized we only have two more days to get ready for Princess’s bridal shower this weekend.

~Today I cried when I read this even though it was the third time I’d read it.

~Today I watched American Idol (and was frustrated with who got voted out) and Project Runway.

~Today I wondered when people on reality shows say, “this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me,” if that’s actually the last thing we hear from them.

~Today I read this and wondered if I’m using my gifts to serve others.

~Today Angel said:

“Krissy is my special girl” (Krissy is Angel’s cousin)

“Thank you for mommy and daddy and mommy and daddy and holly and caleb and cody and timothy and timothy and Dora and Boots and the light and Grama Susie and Grama Barb and Papa aaaannnnddd what else!!??” (during bedtime prayer time)

“Allie is my best friend” (Allie is one of our dogs)

~Today I was thankful.

One thought on “Today

    sincerelyanna said:
    March 11, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    I’m so sorry about the sickness and all that went with that. I’ve had to do nebulizer treatments on Max starting when he was a baby. We never had the cute dino one, though. Hope they’re both feeling much better soon and hope that tomorrow is a better day all around.

    Still tearing up over Nella’s birth story, too. What an inspirational blog.

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