Caleb, 15 months

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I can’t seem to make up my mind. Is Caleb still a baby or is he a big boy now? Every day seems to be different. One minute he’ll act like a big boy, stomping his feet or playing silly with Angel. The next minute he’ll want to cuddle and rock and I’ll hold him close and wish away the time that is speeding by.

This is what my baby big boy Caleb has been up to lately.

~Tormenting Angel. My mom always told me that I was the worst tease to my siblings when I was little. But there’s no way that I was as bad as Caleb. Oh my word. It’s no wonder Angel gets so frustrated, clenches her teeth and screams at her baby brother. He pounds on her. He steals her toys. He teases her with anything that is “hers” and tries to run away with it. It’s usually hard not to laugh because he is just so darn cute when he does it but you can just see in his face that he’s trying to get her riled up.

~Tormenting everyone else. He loves to steal things and then try to get you to chase him. He’ll get your attention and take two little steps and stop and look at you like he’s saying, “come get me.” It’s pretty cute. Except when he steals your cell phone for the 69th time in an hour. That’s not so cute.  He can also reach the counter now. How did that happen? So we have to be really careful about what we put on the counter. He usually dumps my purse at least once a day because I don’t put it back far enough.

~Not eating. My dad asked Angel the other day why she’s so little and she eats so much and why Caleb is so big and he eats so little. Good question. He’s still a very picky eater. He prefers sweets and snacks over anything. He will hardly ever try anything new. We usually have toast with grape jelly for breakfast. Sometimes a banana but lately he just likes to smash them all over.  He still loves noodles. He likes corn and sometimes beans and peas. He sometimes likes cantaloupe. He sometimes likes chicken. He loves french fries. And as I said he loves sweets and snacks. He can spot chocolate a mile away.

~He still loves his bottle. We’re making a little progress though. At bedtime he’s pretty adamant about needing his bottle. But at his two nap times it’s getting a little more hit and miss.  I was starting to stress about it a little and then a friend whose 18 month old was still using a bottle mentioned how it’s really not that big of a deal. And she’s right.  I also realized that Angel didn’t give hers up til 15 months. For some reason I thought it was right at 12 months.

~He’s saying alot more words. They seem to all sound the same though.

Ba – bottle
Ba – bite
Ba – banana
Ba – more
Ba – puppy
Ba – Anything else he wants to say

The only word I’ve actually heard him say in the past month or so is dada. He has said mama and grama but it’s been awhile.  Today he said Angel and every day he seems to be trying more sounds. The cutest thing he’s doing now is nodding his head yes and no. That is really nice when we’re trying to figure out what he wants. And he’ll wave hi and goodbye and has said bye a couple of times.  He does a good job of blowing kisses to say goodbye or at night time.

He does say a few animal sounds. He’s got the lamb down pact.  He’ll also say moo for cow and something close to a quack for the duck.  The other night my dad was trying to get him to say please and he kept saying “mo”. Well, that’s kinda close.

In addition to “Ba” the other consistent thing in Caleb’s vocabulary is grunting. He grunts alot. He grunts when he’s happy. He grunts when he’s mad. He grunts when we say, “say please” or “say hi” or say whatever.

~I think this will sound creepy but I love Caleb’s little body. He’s just so cute. He’s got wide broad shoulders and his big humongous head, short little legs and the cutest little behind. Ok, I guess all baby behind’s are cute. But I just love watching him waddle and run around the house. He looks like just a little man.

~Things he loves:

Reading, but mostly being read to.
Angel’s toddler bed. I think it’s getting closer to us getting him his own.
Standing on the step-stool in the morning (or fighting with Angel for it) while I get ready.
Playing with anything electronic.
Riding the horsey.
Going outside. It’s been a long winter!
Brushing his teeth.
The vacuum attachments.
Standing on chairs and tables.
Going downstairs.
Being held upside down.

~Things he doesn’t love:

Getting dressed.
Changing his diaper.
Being told no.
The sound of the vacuum.
Getting into the car seat. Especially lately, he wants to play outside.
Ed’s (our 90 pound black lab) tail hitting him in the face. But then again who really likes that?
Angel kissing him too much. He likes his space. Try explaining “space” to a two-year old.
Snuggling in bed. Who’s got time to snuggle when there’s things to destroy.

Caleb is just getting over RSV and so with both kids sick the past week and a half we haven’t been taking too many pictures. But here are a few of our baby boy.

Riding the horsey (same pj’s, different night)

Angel’s turn. Caleb’s meltdown.

Caleb and Mommy.

This was last week when he was sick but he’s still the cutest kid in town!


One thought on “Caleb, 15 months

    singspeakgloryseek said:
    March 18, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Oh yes you were! As bad as you say Caleb is. You were as bad if not worse!(:) But oh, you tormented your sister and brothers in such a charming way! That impish little smile is from you, my darling! (:)

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