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It’s one of those days, well evenings, where I don’t have alot on my mind.  Well actually I do have alot on my mind, just not much that’s blog worthy. Thus begins the inside struggle of whether or not to blog, should I just post some pictures and why do I blog anyway?  Then I remember I blog because I want to look back someday and remember our life. Granted I’ll probably look back on our life as I read this blog and think my life was pretty crazy but it’s still my life and I love it.

So now that I’ve wasted 2 minutes of your time with that lengthy introduction here’s a completely random post about completely useless information.

~At what point do you walk into the doctor’s office and say, “I’M DYING!”. Probably never, huh. Well for awhile now (a few months I guess) I’ve been having sharp pains all over. My head and neck mostly but also in my right breast (sorry I said the b word). It’s like knife sharp pain. Sometimes it lasts a few seconds and it’s gone. Sometimes like tonight it lasts for over an hour. I think it’s my body trying to tell me to STOP WITH EATING ALL THE FOOD ALREADY! I did go to the doctor last month and he said since the pain was random and not in one spot it was nothing. So there ya go.

~I tried to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight but when I turned it on Buzz Aldrin (was that his name?) was dancing and that was just silly. I went to finish the dishes and when I got back Pamela Anderson was dancing and I threw up a little in my mouth and decided I was better off not watching.

~I found the movie Julie and Julie on sale for $7.99. I love that movie. Any movie about a blog and food has got to be good, right?

~Tonight Michael Buble was on David Letterman and I decided that I love him alot.  Well his music anyway.

~Pat has started DVR’ing Justified, a new series on FX. It’s about guys that kill people. Or something like that. It’s kind of a western and so he’s started talking like he’s in a western film. He’ll say to Caleb, “I’m gonna take you out behind the woodshed, boy.” And then Caleb will giggle.  And he’ll say to Angel, “I’m gonna break you.” And Angel will say, “You’ll never break me!” in her own western accent.  Man, I love those kids. And my hubs too. And using the word and to start a sentence.

~I made an awesome pasta salad last night. I cooked up some tiny little pasta that I can’t remember the name of. And then chopped some veggies: tomato, red pepper, cucumber, asparagus (boiled 2 minutes and then blanched), onion and radish. I then added salt and pepper, oil and red vinegar. It was yummy good.

~I really want to have another baby. (I can’t actually have a baby but can adopt and to me it’s the same thing).  Pat isn’t 100% against it. More like 99.9% against it. Thankfully God can work with .01%.

~Our Pastor’s sermon this Sunday was awesome. You can listen to it here. It was convicting for me that I often use my crazy busy life as an excuse not to be used of God.

~And with that it’s bedtime. God can’t use me if I’m too tired to even think straight!

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