My joy box overflows

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This past weekend I got all organized and started to chip away at my to-do list. I also did a few things that weren’t on my to-do list. Like go through my joy box.

I can’t remember where I got the idea from, but basically my joy box is a shoe box and I keep cards, letters, notes and anything that’s special to me.  Then when I’m having a bad day or week or month I can get out my joy box and be encouraged.  It’s been a long time since I’ve looked through it and since we’ve been married Pat has been saving his cards and notes too so we’ve accumulated alot of joy!

Here are a few things I found:

A Mother’s Day card from Princess from many years ago. Love the scripture she choose – how prophetic.

Letters from my cousin Sarah when she was in high school:

The very first card I got from my good friend Trina. She was my best friend in college and I’m sad to say we lost touch when I got divorced. Thankfully though we recently reconnected.

And a whole pile of cards and notes from her.  She’s a loving, forgiving, encouraging friend and I miss her alot. Her and her family now live in Belgium where they work for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Cards from my adoptive sisters, Dawn and Mandi when I was in college. They were in high school when their family “adopted” me, Trina and two of our friends. So many great memories. I found alot of cards and notes from them!

A card from my friend Shelley, a previous co-worker. I have alot of cards from Shelley too, all of them homemade or unique in some way but usually with a picture of a dog. Our love of puppy dogs bonded us together.

A Valentine’s Day card from my wonderful hubby.

Hee hee. Love the coupon thing.

A letter from Pat that he wrote to his dad when he was going through his divorce. His dad died when he was just 3 and so this was a way for him to share his feelings.

A big pile of cards to Pat from yours truly. I sure hope his love language is cards/notes.

A book from my mom. She gave this to us as a Christmas present a few years ago. Well at least three years ago.

Because her prayer for me was that I would have a child some day. Thanks for praying for me mom!

Notes from Princess. We have lots of these from Princess. Oh, she’s grown up way too fast.

Letters from my mom. Can you see the mailing address? These were all delivered to me when I was on a band/choir tour my Senior year of high school. We went to 8 different countries and at each stop there was a letter for me. So amazing. Especially for a scared 18 year-old on her first trip away from home.

A poster that my old co-workers (who are now my new co-workers) made and posted around the building on my 30th birthday.

A card from Pat. One of those “just for the heck of it” cards. LOVE those. Especially the ones that perfectly describe our relationship (the toilet paper thing is right on) and make me smile big. And always signed “your loving husband”. That makes me smile too.

A letter from my Grandma. And a story that deserves it’s own post.


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