Easter weekend wrap up

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It was a exhausting great weekend! We enjoyed time spent with family and friends and ate lots of yummy candy vegetables! Here’s how it went down:

My sister wasn’t able to be here on Sunday so she came on Friday and Saturday. We enjoyed a nice meal together on Friday night with her and my brother. We made this pasta dish. And were squished at our little table but it was all good.

Earlier in the day on Friday I was feeling like a complete mom failure and felt this strong urge to do something crafty. I didn’t want to run to the store so we made due with graham crackers, frosting, sprinkles and marshmallows. We made this church. Although my dad asked if it was a house and my mom asked if it was the empty tomb. So much for my craftiness. But we had fun and got to talk about the real meaning of Easter.

Which Angel didn’t quite grasp until Saturday night after explaining it to her a hundred times. When I asked her once, “What is so special about Easter?”, she said, “Easter eggs!” Well, I suppose that is pretty special. Won’t take that away from her. But a little bit later in the day we asked her again and she said, “God lives.”  Yes. Yes He does.

Friday I decided to throw together a last minute egg hunt Easter party on Saturday. My mom and dad were coming to town and she has a story telling-song singing program she does for kids. So I sent the invite out on Facebook and we had about 18 kids and their parents come! I don’t think that Pat was too happy with me because Saturday we were suppose to help his mom move. I completely forgot about it when I scheduled the egg hunt party but thankfully my brother agreed to go in my place.

We had so much fun! We started with an egg hunt.

Angel with her cousins Janai and Noah – they were helping her find candy!

Caleb didn’t need any help.

And then we all came into the house and mom shared her book The Little Red Crab along with another story and a few songs.  She got to share with the kids the meaning of Easter and everyone had a great time!

After mom’s program we enjoyed a light lunch and awesome fellowship! I think it might just become a yearly tradition.

Caleb also enjoyed my sister’s diet cherry limeaid from Sonic.


Easter morning Angel and Caleb got to find their special presents from Jesus.

Angel got a pretty dress, some stickers and of course enough candy to feed a small country.

Caleb thought the highlight of the day were the Peeps.

Peeps and babies. Life doesn’t get much better.

We enjoyed a wonderful church service and then came home and had a little unusual Easter dinner. We made Italian Sausage Soup from Owlhaven’s Family Feasts cookbook. Along with that we had homemade bread and salad. It was very simple but delicious!

Then we took a few pictures. The downside of the weekend: Prince, Prankster and Princess weren’t home.

My parents with the kiddos.

Attempting for the 300th time to take some pictures of the kids.


We are so thankful for God’s blessings and we praise our risen Lord and Savior!


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