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As you saw here, last weekend we went to my parent’s house. For a little break from our overwhelming normal, but mostly so Angel could meet Gracie.

My parents have always threatened said that they were going to buy Angel a horse. They of course bought her this horse for Christmas. But they continued to say that a real live horse would show up some day. I continued to remind them that she is only two and if they buy a horse now they need to understand the pattern they are setting for themselves in the years to come. Not to mention they don’t have a place to keep a horse. Not to mention do they realize how much a horse eats?

Well they do realize this because we lived on a farm most of our life. My fondest memories of childhood are living on a cattle ranch and going out with my dad and the rest of the ranch workers to round up the cattle. So although we cautioned my parents about such a frivolous purchase I knew how much Angel would love it and the memories we would all make and so hoped some day it would come true.

Well because grandparents are blinded by love, that day came sooner than we expected. My dad actually purchased Gracie at an auction for $35. The best $35 he’s ever spent I’m sure.

Here she is, up close and personal:

Mama with her babies and Gracie:

Giving kisses:

“Feeding” Gracie:


Caleb seemed to really like Gracie. From afar.

He wasn’t down with getting too close:

At one point my brother Jim said, “Jeez it feels like the paparazzi are here.” And then I took another picture.

And finally, the big moment. Time for Angel to ride Gracie. She wasn’t scared one little bit. It was so cool to see her so happy. There’s nothing a mama would rather see than her baby girl filled with such complete and utter joy.

The only downside of our meeting with Gracie was that Pat wasn’t able to be there. But in addition to all our pictures we took three videos. Here’s two of them:

(the best moment of the day: Angel’s fist pump after petting Gracie)

It was a good day. Lots of memories made. And the hope of many more memories to come!


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