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I really want to share with you what we did this weekend but I have yet to write about Princess’s first bridal shower that she had a few weeks ago. And I can’t really tell you about this weekend – or Princess’s second bridal shower – before I tell you about the first one. I suppose legally I could and all but it would bother me and I’d lose sleep and I already lose enough sleep so tonight I’ll just share about Princess’s first bridal shower and then we can get back on track and in order and all will be right with the world.


Princess’s darling cousin Erica (and our niece and Princess’s maid of honor) was in charge of planning Princess’s bridal shower for her family and friends. It was a fabulous day. We had lots of desserts. Lots of other good food. Very yummy punch. Many friends and family that came to show Princess how much they love her!

Before we got started I shared a short devotion for Princess. I had a bag full of goodies and I asked Princess to pull out each item. I can’t remember everything but this is a quick overview:

~Umbrella – let God be your covering in your marriage. He will protect you through all life brings.
~Joy soap – you might think that marriage will bring you joy – and yes, hopefully it will – but only Jesus can fill your soul and bring you complete joy that never fades. Always find your joy in Jesus.
~Headband – “let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight oh God” (or something like that). Basically allow your thoughts to focus on things of God and not of things of the world.
~Lip gloss – Every day say something loving to Prankster. Let the words you speak uplift him and encourage him.

There were a few other items but I can’t remember now. Hopefully it was encouraging to Princess.

After the devotion we got to eat! Erica, her mommy and sisters made alot of the food, we bought some of it and Princess’s mommy made alot too.

After we ate we played a game – wedding dress design 101. It was pretty funny. Princess was of course one of the brides and they dressed her up so pretty.

Then we got to the good stuff – the gifts! Princess and Prankster are so blessed! There are so many family and friends that love them and have given generously to them.

I’m pretty sure after the gifts we ate some more.

It was a wonderful shower. Even though every day I think it can’t be possible that Princess is getting married in less than 2 months (GASP), it’s such a joy to share these moments with her!

(Pictures taken by our friend Nicole!)


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