Road trip to visit big sister

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I hate to admit it but last weekend was the first time we’ve traveled the almost 4 hours to visit Princess. Angel was so excited. We do a countdown with her anytime something exciting is happening…like when Aunt Nellie is coming to visit or we get to do something special.  So we had been counting down each day – TWO more days until we get to see Princess. And Angel would add, “AND go swimming” (because we originally were going to get a room at a hotel with a pool).

When we got down to one day she said to both Pat and I in separate instances, “I REALLY need to see Holly.”  Don’t we all Angel.

We left on a Saturday morning right at 8:00 am, which miraculously was the time I had hoped to leave by. The main reason for our visit – other than just to see Princess – was to attend a bridal shower that Prankster’s family was hosting. The shower was at 2:00 pm so we had a little extra time to stop if we needed to.

The kids did great. They watched a movie and about half way through Caleb fell asleep. Then after the movie Angel just talked and sang songs and talked some more. We stopped about 2 1/2 hours into the trip at a park for the kids to run around for a bit. There really weren’t too many meltdowns which was surprising. Although this was partly due to the fact that we let Caleb have his bottle the whole time.

Have I shared before how Pat thinks that I’m a bad navigator? No, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that he told me that once even though it was probably two years ago. So now I’m just a little bit stubborn when it comes to directions. We had a little “conversation” before we got to the big city and I told him to not be so mean to me and get all crabby just because I don’t know where we’re going because it’s not my fault I don’t know where we’re going because all we had was a little map that didn’t show much detail and by the way I am not a bad navigator.

But I’m not bitter. Really.

We eventually found our way to our hotel – with only a few wrong turns. We picked it because it was the most economical and because it was also the only hotel in town with a room. It was called America’s Best Value Inn. Have you ever heard of that? No, me neither. And believe me, now we know why.

It wasn’t all bad. Just a little bit scary but for the most part clean. We did have ashtrays in our non-smoking room. Thank goodness for that.

Princess’s and Prankster’s shower was at 2:00 so we had just about an hour to stop at the hotel and get freshened up a bit. Just enough time to allow the kids to find lots of new fun stuff to destroy!  The shower was not your ordinary bridal shower. First of all it wasn’t just Princess and the girls. It was for Prankster and the guys too. It was held at Prankster’s Aunt’s house and it was really nice to meet more of his family.

It was also a little different because we played games – board games and card games. Prankster’s family loves to play games and so does Princess so it was perfect. I didn’t play because I tried to keep Angel and Caleb from destroying Prankster’s Aunt’s house or from hurting each other.  The food for the shower was cheese and chocolate fondue. Yum!

Prankster and Princess getting ready to open presents – with Caleb to help.

Most of the group enjoying the wonderful food!

Me and Princess

Princess and Daddy

Angel’s chocolaty face

Princess and one of her closest friends (and bridesmaid) Meghan.

Torturing Caleb – although since he loves it, it’s probably not torture.


The happy couple

After the shower we drove 30 minutes to the Mall of America. Woo hoo! Except we didn’t quite make it there. Our plan was to go on some rides with the kids and I was going to find a dress for Princess’s wedding.  But we first had to stop at Ikea to get a gift for the love birds. I ran in to get a gift card and then I realized how much Pat loves Ikea and so I went back out to the car and suggested we just look around at Ikea instead of going to the Mall and I’d find a dress later. We found just a few little things at Ikea but we mostly enjoyed looking at all the cool stuff.

We were then going to meet Princess, Prankster, Princess’s mom and grandparents at The Cheesecake Factory for supper. Oh man, I love that restaurant. Even with two very tired cranky babies I still love that restaurant.

Sunday we had breakfast with the same group we had supper with. We also enjoyed some dancing by Princess’s Grandpa, Angel and Caleb. It was so cute to see the babies enjoy their time with Princess’s grandparents. After awhile Angel was calling them “Grandma Marlene” and “Grandpa Clarence”. They smothered the kiddos with love and we had alot of fun together. The best part was when Grandpa Clarence took the kids over to see the singing deer and they all started dancing in the middle of the restaurant.

Here’s the entire group after our breakfast (Pat, Angel,  Princess, Prankster, Caleb, Grandma Marlene, Grandpa Clarence and Vicki).

After breakfast we hit the road. We ended up stopping half way at a mall and I actually found a dress for Princess’s wedding. I was so excited because I really like it and it was a size smaller than what I normally wear. It’s the little things.

The drive home wasn’t quite as pleasant as the drive there. Pat had come down with a bad cold and so I had to had the pleasure of driving half way.  I hate driving. But I tried to not be so crabby. And stopping at McD’s for ice cream helped a little. But Angel and Caleb weren’t so thrilled with our drive home. They cried alot of the way. We did get to ride a carousel at the mall when we stopped half way. That was alot of fun and Angel loved it. Caleb looked like he was going to throw up. (pics taken with my phone-sorry bad quality)

It was a blessing to pull into the driveway at 6 pm on Sunday night. Caleb was in bed 30 minutes later, Angel an hour later and me and Pat an hour and 2 minutes later. We’re already planning our next trip to visit Princess and Prankster. But this time, even though we love our babies so much, they get to stay home!

One thought on “Road trip to visit big sister

    Teri said:
    April 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Sounds like the perfect occasion for a mommy-daddy weekend 🙂 I’m sure the babies will love to stay with their grandparents!! 🙂 What a great weekend!

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