A sorrowful day

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I was standing in the Mother’s Day card aisle at Walmart. And just like that I remembered. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I was breathless.

It’s Mother’s Day and her child’s in heaven.

Sorrow overwhelmed me.

I searched for a card that said what I was feeling. But none existed. There didn’t seem to be Mother’s Day cards for moms whose arms were empty.

I remembered the years of Mother’s Days that were so painful. Wanting to hide away under the covers and forget that I wasn’t a mom. Forget the heartache that was so blatantly thrown in my face one day out of the year. Taunting and mocking me. It was a special day for so many. But not for me.

I would try to remind myself that Mother’s Day was a day for me to honor others – not for me to be honored. But then I would see the commercials. The store ads. The recognition of mothers at church. The eyes of others that would look at me and then look away, not sure what to say.  And it was all too much.

I awoke from my daydream. I couldn’t believe that I had almost forgot. I had almost forgot the pain I had endured. I had almost forgot those who will struggle on this day.  I walked around for awhile, somewhat in a fog. Thinking of and praying for those that I knew would be so sad on Mother’s Day.  Vowing to never forget again.

These used to be the arms…….

that would hold you so fondly and squeeze you so tight.

They’d dance with you and tickle you and embrace you at night.

They’d comfort you and treasure you and keep you from fright.

They’d forever deeply love you, with all a mother’s might.

……….and now these arms are empty.   (Author unknown)


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