Mother’s day weekend wrap up part 2

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Sorry to keep ya hanging. It wasn’t intentional.  I had a baby girl who didn’t want to sleep so had to wrap it up!

Well Saturday was a new day.  And thankfully a new day without much pain.  I still had a little pain but it was so much better than Friday night. So I’m assuming it was the cyst thing. I’m due for my annual check up soon so I’ll mention it since the pain was so bad.

Saturday morning I did my menu and grocery list and then we were off to get donuts for breakfast and then stop and get groceries.  After groceries we stopped at Walmart and then home quick to unload, load back in the van and head over to pick up Pat’s mom to take her out to lunch.  We went to a great restaurant (Whisk and Chop for those local) and the kids actually behaved,  didn’t throw silverware and ate their food.

After lunch it was nap time. Caleb was being a stinker and so I “had” to lay down with him to get him to go to sleep. We played a game of touching fingers and then he would look at me and grin and squint his eyes. My heart was so full and I said a prayer of thanks to God for the blessing of my two babies.

He finally fell asleep and unfortunately (or fortunately) so did I. That kinda messed up my plans of getting my laundry and cleaning done while they slept but oh well. After naps we loaded back in the van and went to Menards. We have a big window well in our backyard and the kids have discovered it. So they haven’t been able to go outside until we get a fence around it. We got the supplies for that and I picked up a few plants for our garden. The garden that we don’t have yet but I’m pretty sure will have this week. Pat is taking a few days off work and I believe on his to do list is tilling my garden. I’m so excited.

The kids fought played inside while Pat worked on the fence and then it was supper time. After supper he was pretty much done with the fence so they got to play outside a little bit even though it was quite chilly. I cannot wait for warm weather to get here to stay. Their outside time didn’t last long because Angel threw grass in Caleb’s hair and face and it got in his eyes so everyone came in for baths even though it was only 7 pm. Pat gave the kids baths and I worked on cleaning the kitchen and dining room which looked like a war zone.  After baths we played and before I knew it, it was 8:30 pm. I couldn’t believe Caleb wasn’t crying to go to bed. Usually by 8 pm he wants his bottle and bedtime.

Pat had to go into work right about this time to work on a system issue. I put Caleb to bed and then me and Angel got a snack plate of pickles, turkey lunch meat, and buffalo chicken Pringles (which she loves – she’s a nut). We went downstairs, snuggled on the big comfy chair and watched a chick flick, Leap Year. She only made it through half the movie but it was so amazing to sit there and cuddle with her. Again, I thanked God for this time I had with my precious kiddos. She usually doesn’t like to sit still and cuddle and so it was awesome.

I put Angel to bed and went back downstairs to finish my movie. While I watched I worked on Angel’s adoption book. I know, I’m a little slow in getting it done. I have all the pictures picked out but have never been able to find an album I like. I finally settled on one just because I need to get it done.

I stayed up late watching tv and working on her book. It was after midnight before I made it to bed. Pat got home shortly after midnight and surprised me with a Mother’s Day card.  It was Sunday after all. In the morning he coached the kids to tell me Happy Mother’s Day and Angel gave me their card. Pat also got me a dozen roses. Extra points for Hubby. He will be the first to admit he’s not the best at gift giving but he’s getting better with my complaining time.

We went to church, had a wonderful time fellowshipping and then loaded up the kids and drove an hour to meet my mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law. We had lunch and then drove back home. But it was good.

Mom and Angel as we waited for a table.

Serious faces. Seriously enjoying our food.

Angel and Caleb were hungry.

Pat had said earlier that he was going to make me supper. I told him I wanted crab legs, fruit salsa, strawberries dipped in chocoate and molten lava cakes. Can anyone say high maintenance?  Unfortunately we ate lunch late so weren’t really hungry for supper. My special meal will have to wait for another day.

Princess came home this weekend from college and she came over around supper time on Sunday night to hang out with us. It was so nice to have her home. The kids absolutely love it. Angel has no problem cuddling with her. After the kids went to bed we watched tv, talked about wedding stuff, looked through pictures for her wedding slide show and just enjoyed our time with her.

It was such a wonderful weekend. Very busy and full. But good busy and full. Lots of time with my kiddos. Not too many meltdowns.  I’m so very thankful for God’s abundant blessings.


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