Ice cream and showers

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Monday was a tough day. Probably one of the worst days in the history of our company as far as service level goes (I work in a call center, right now as an Interim Supervisor). It was also another rainy day and so I was hoping for a nice lazy relaxing evening at home.

I picked up the kids and it seemed like they had a good day. Angel was in a great mood, which is always an indication of how our night is going to go.

I should know by now there’s always an exception to every rule.

As I said it was raining and so I carried Caleb and told asked Angel to run. She did good until we got to the step and then she wanted to do it by herself. I was trying to hurry because we were getting drenched and of course when you try to hurry Angel (or I’m sure any 2 year old) they do the complete opposite.


Enter impatient mommy.

By the time we got strapped in the car seats Angel was screaming, “I WANT TO GO SEE GRAMA SUSIE.”  Grama Susie lives two hours away and I told her as much which didn’t make her too happy. She then wanted to listen to Veggie Tales but we have a rule that if she doesn’t ask nice, aka screams her request, it doesn’t happen. And that made her even more mad. She continued screaming “MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA” and when I would say “what” she would scream saying she wanted Veggie Tales and I would tell her not until she can settle down and then she would scream some more.

It was at this point that I did what any responsible adult would do in a stressful situation.

I went through the drive through of B & G Milky Way (similar to Dairy Queen).

Unfortunately Angel wasn’t too impressed that I got myself an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. She asked (well screamed) that she wanted ice cream and I told her that if she stops screaming she might be able to have some when we get home (I had bought two chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches for later).

And then she said, “I NEED MY DADDY!”

And I laughed out loud.

And then she said, “IT’S NOT FUNNY!”

And I laughed out loud again.

Fast forward through making dinner, eating dinner and cleaning up dinner. The only thing you miss by fast forwarding is alot of screaming and crying.

I was getting close to my breaking point when I remembered the remedy for getting Angel out of these crabby moods. A shower.

She loves to take a shower. And it totally changes her outlook on life. She comes out of the shower a happy little girl. It’s amazing.

Caleb wasn’t about to miss out on taking a shower so we put both of them in and for the next 45 minutes they screamed. Except now they screamed in utter joy. And made a complete mess of my bathroom by their splashing and throwing toys out of the tub but oh well.

After showers we had our ice cream snack that I had bought earlier.

I just asked Pat how I should wrap up this post. He said I could say how we let two small children eat ice cream without silverware right after taking their shower. And how he didn’t think it was a good idea.

He obviously doesn’t know how to properly wrap up a blog post.

And tonight neither do I.

So I’m going to go take a shower, eat some ice cream (maybe without silverware), and go to bed happy.

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