Weekend wrap up food edition

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Because I know you’re dying to know what I ate this weekend.

Friday night my mom had a book signing and children’s program event at Barnes and Noble. After that she offered to take the kids home so Pat and I could go on a date. We agreed but when we got in the car we were kinda at a loss for something to do. I know, lame.

We finally decided to go try a new restaurant, Ched’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. My husband’s first love is cheese and so he was so excited. In my opinion Ched’s was pretty cheesy. And not in a good way.  I wasn’t so impressed with my $4 half sandwich. It had turkey, avocado, provolone and spinach (I think). It was ok, just not great. Pat had some type of cheesy bratwurst and loved it.

Saturday morning I had to go to work for a few hours and so Pat and the kiddos went to Daylight Donuts for breakfast. We’ve been doing this every Saturday morning for the past few weeks, doing our best to clog our arteries. But it’s been fun family time.

Me and the kiddos had mac-n-cheese with hot dogs for lunch while Pat worked on staining the kids play equipment (which I’ll tell you more about this week). Princess and Prankster came over right after lunch to share samples from their wedding caterer. Yum.

I’m not sure we did much else on Saturday. We all took naps. After naps we played outside, trying not to get blown away. For supper the kids had turkey, cheese and cantaloupe while Pat was once again outside staining. At about 9:00 pm we realized we hadn’t really ate much that day and were hungry.  Instead of chalking it up as a good diet day, I convinced Pat to go get Taco Bell.  And he did because he’s so awesome.

Sunday we weren’t going to church til 11:00 and for once I actually thought about what to do for lunch in advance. Normally I don’t have anything planned and so we just end up going out. I had 4 chicken breasts thawed out and found this recipe from Pioneer Women. I altered it a little bit though…

I browned the chicken on both sides and then put into a crock pot. Added two cans of diced tomatoes, cut up carrots, parsley, seasonings and about 1 cup of chicken broth. I turned it on high and hoped it would be ready to go 3 hours later when we were home from church.  Oh, ready it was. I cooked up some noodles and the tomatoes, chicken broth and seasonings made an awesome sauce.

There was alot of it too. The chicken breasts were huge- me and the kids shared one and Pat had another so I used the other two and some of the tomatoes to make enchiladas for supper on Sunday night. 

Correction – Pat used the chicken and tomatoes to make enchiladas for supper.

We had alot of the sauce left still so I’m going to use it to make goulash for supper on Monday night.  It was pretty exciting making a meal that helped to make two additional meals.

After supper on Sunday night we almost went to Dairy Queen for blizzards but decided against it since we’re suppose to be on a budget.  After playing outside, getting the baby pool out, cleaning up the mess of the dog being in the pool and then in my house, and trying to wrangle up two naked babies who didn’t want to get in the bath but wanted to run outside instead, I decided to go to the store.  We needed diapers and wipes but I also picked up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy bar. We already had vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup at home and so we made our own blizzards – just as yummy and way less expensive!

We had a good weekend. Full of family time, nice weather and of course, good food!


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