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Alternate title: Time to talk about things that are none of your business.

A friend once said to me that she keeps a journal but that she’s not like me in being able to share intimate details of her life with the entire world.

I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not.

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve shared about our budget. Overall things are going well. We haven’t foreclosed on our house. We have plenty of food and clothes and of course God has provided much more than we could ever need.

The end of January I started working part-time and it was a huge leap of faith because on paper the numbers just didn’t add up that we could come out ahead. And while God provided for us – through a tax refund and the little bit we had in savings – for me to work part-time for three glorious months, the numbers don’t lie.

At the end of April – when our savings was depleted and we couldn’t use credit cards because we’re on the repayment plan with Consumer Credit Counseling we didn’t have enough to cover some of our bills. Oh by the way our daughter is getting married in June and while we haven’t been able to help hardly at all to pay for it we really wanted to be able to do more. God provided again and provided a temporary full time position for me. With awesome hours. And doing something that I know God gifted me to do. I’m working now as an Interim Supervisor in the Customer Service department. My hours are 7:00-4:00. This will last until the end of June. After that I honestly don’t know what will happen.

For the most part we’ve stuck really close to our budget. We haven’t been doing the cash system for groceries and gas, but we haven’t really had much to work with so it hasn’t been a issue. I was trying to do groceries and meals for a month at a time and that didn’t work too well for us. So now we’re back to every 2 weeks and I think that will help us stay on track better – both with our budget and with actually eating what’s on the menu.

The exciting thing is that we can see progress being made to get out of debt. We’ve paid almost $6000 on our credit cards since September through the Consumer Credit Counseling program. We are now paying almost all principal on Pat’s Jeep payment so that is going down quickly. Any extra money we have over the next 3 months with me working full time will go towards Princess’s wedding and also towards our mortgage. Our hope is to still sell once we can get the amount that we owe down there where we could at least break even.

The past 4-5 months we’ve learned that me working in the evenings really stinks. I hated missing supper together and Pat didn’t like not having me home (and I don’t think it was just so I could make supper!). It’s been such a blessing to do things together as a family, especially now that it’s gotten nice out. Whatever happens I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to work an early shift and have that time as a family – it was greatly missed!

So that’s our life right now. Always changing it seems. But right now we are in a really good place. Our schedule is great. God has provided for us in so many ways.


One thought on “Budget update

    Stu said:
    May 26, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Thanks for sharing. Hope you continue to press on! It’s the moment of big sacrifice that puts us on the path to big change and success. Oh, and God seems to want to bless us with more when we are faithful with what he has given us.

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