There’s a monster in the house

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Caleb was 17 months old on the 17th. I’m a bad mommy blogger and haven’t updated on him in a few months.  Here’s a little bit about what he’s been up to lately.

~Destroying everything in sight.

~Annoying his big sister.

~Throwing things.


~Trying the patience of his mom and dad.

~Destroying everything in sight.

Oh life has certainly gotten interesting.

But it’s also awesome. And we cry laugh alot. Here’s a little more about our little big boy.

~He’s called Bubba probably more than Caleb. 

~Any type of discipline has very little effect on him. He just laughs. We’ve tried everything. Finally the other day, after he purposely ran into the street for the 6th time (yes purposely – he’ll look back at you, grunt, and then run for his life trying to make it to the street before we catch him) I had to bring him in the house, give him a spanking and put him in his room for 10 minutes.   It was awful for Mama and he was very upset but I think he finally realized that we’re serious and he was being naughty.  I guess we’ll see the next time we go outside.  (Edited to add: Nope – still as naughty as ever-doesn’t listen to a word we say)  I hate to lock them in the house but I get so stressed when we go outside that they are going to get hurt.

~He is though very sensitive when he can’t get his way. I guess he’s hit his terrible twos a little early. He’ll lay on the floor and kick and scream. Or he’ll hit. Or burst into tears and cry this pathetic cry to try to make us feel sorry for him.  We don’t feel sorry for him but it is hard not to laugh. He’ll get mad and run across the room and hit the wall. It’s not really funny, but yet it is seeing this tiny little guy trying to hit the wall.

~The funny thing is that he kind of a sissy. (Is that mean to say?)  It’s funny because one minute he’ll be pounding on Angel but as soon as she starts pounding on him, he’ll freak out and come running to Mommy. He doesn’t really like the dogs. If he falls down just the little bit he’ll start crying and once again, come running to Mommy.

No, I do not baby him.

The funniest part is the next  minute he’s stomping around, roaring like a monster or chasing Angel.

~He’s still a pretty picky eater. He’s getting better especially when he gets to eat with a fork. He does a really good job with it, it’s just a little dangerous because when he’s done eating he’ll usually throw it across the room.  His favorite foods are chocolate (I know, sad), noodles, cantalope, and most vegetables. Usually every morning for breakfast he’ll have toast with jelly. That’s the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up. He runs into the kitchen, pointing and grunting. So while he’s picky he likes to eat. 

~At his last well baby check up – which was his 15 month but we’re a month behind so he was 16 months, he was almost 26 pounds (50th percentile) for his weight and 30 1/2″ length (25th percentile). So that’s changed alot since his last visit – he’s shrunk and gained more weight!  I don’t know if it’s just his big head or what, but he looks and feels like such a chunk.

~He loves to read, just like both his big sisters. He of course has about a 24 second attention span so we never get through an entire book.

~He could care less about tv. He’d much rather stomp around and destroy stuff or climb up on tables or chairs.

~He still doesn’t talk much. At his well baby check up the doctor mentioned him being behind with his words. We chalk it up to him being a boy and that fact that his older sister talks like a 10 year old. Why should he talk. It’s really funny because we’re constantly telling Caleb, “Caleb say cup,” or whatever and after awhile Angel will say, “Caleb doesn’t talk.”

The words he does say consistently are: mama, dada, cacka (cracker), baba (bottle) and ball. We think he’s said Angel, diaper, Papa, and Grandma but he hasn’t said them recently or real consistently so not sure if he actually knows them. Personally I think he’s being stubborn. He understands 99.9% of what we say. And he’s very good about shaking his head yes or no.  He will talk to us all the time by saying yes or so. So most of the time we know what he wants or needs. Like I said though I just think he doesn’t want to talk.

Tonight on the way home he was grunting about something and Angel was saying to him, “Caleb are you saying bird?” It was so funny, she kept asking him what he was saying. We were trying to get him to say no, both of us saying, “Caleb say no,” and he just kept shaking his head no and laughing.

The other night he wanted a drink of my lemonade and I decided to be a stickler and not let him have a drink unless he said please. He would come over and try to take a drink and I would say, “Say please,” and he would shake his head no and run away crying (and of course hit the table).

He does say animal sounds for cow, duck and sheep. And of course bear, lion and any animal that goes ROAR. He loves to say ROAR!

~He still loves to sleep. Depends on the day but he’s getting away from his morning nap. He’s taking a 2 hour afternoon nap. And then by 8:00 pm he’s ready for bed and he sleeps through the entire night. There’s maybe been 3 times in the last 6 months when he’s waken up in the middle of the night. Even with Angel screaming some nights he sleeps right through it.

Caleb is still in his crib. While he loves Angel’s big girl bed he hasn’t tried to climb out of the crib yet and so we’re going to hold out as long as we can. I still can’t believe Angel was in her toddler bed at 15 months. Caleb seems so little to be almost ready for a toddler bed.

-We are getting closer to no bottle. But not close enough yet. He’ll still take one most days with his nap. He’s got a ways to go at bedtime though. He’s very attached to his bottle. I know we need to start working on that. He doesn’t take a pacifier so I think it’s going to be a challenge, especially since it’s more of a security blanket thing for him – even though he as a blankie!  He actually rotates between about 5 blankets. But he doesn’t seem to care. He totes it around with him wherever he goes and needs it at nap time and bed time. He loves to scrunch it into a little ball and snuggle on top of it. It’s so cute.

~He’s finally just learned to point to his nose and ears and head. He discovered his you know what a few months ago and it’s still very near and dear to him (my goodness boys are weird).  He loves to be naked. He especially loves to be naked and then go pee on the floor. He thinks that’s hilarious.

~I think we’ve final determined that Caleb does have allergies. You all know the problems we had with his skin when he was a baby. Well for the past 6-9 months his skin has been great. We’ve been using Cetaphil lotion and that has really worked well.  In March he got RSV and it was shortly after that that his skin broke out again, really bad on his hands. And this time it was really ichy. He would scratch and scratch his arms and cry. We felt so bad for him.  We didn’t make the connection at the time but he also always had a runny nose. We assumed he just always had a cold.

At his last doctor appointment the doctor gave us some allergy medicine. We gave him a dose and it wasn’t more than 2 hours later that his skin was cleared up and his runny nose was completely gone (we then made the connection with his runny nose).  So we’ve been giving him a 1/2 dose every night before bed. It doesn’t seem to be quite enough though. I’m struggling with knowing if we should give it to him every night. I need to follow up with the doctor again and also talk with him about getting tested. It would be nice to know what he’s allergic to.

~He’s so silly. He loves to tease us. It’s usually when he’s in trouble or we tell him not to touch something or to put something down. He’ll give us this cute little smile and then do the opposite of what he’s suppose to. At the dinner table he is such a punk. He loves to throw food and he gets in trouble every single night. No matter what we do he just laughs and continues to throw whatever he can get his hands on. We’ve tried everything – ignoring him, putting him in timeout, taking away his food. Nothing seems to work. Please tell me it’s just a phase because Angel never went through that phase.

~Even though he tries our patience like crazy, he of course is our baby boy and he makes our life so interesting. I LOVE to watch him and Angel play. Or when I pick them up from Grandma Barb’s I like to walk behind them as we walk to the van and my heart is so happy to watch them.  We are so blessed.

Just like Daddy…


Crying… I think the dog licked his face.

Being silly. Love that smile.


One thought on “There’s a monster in the house

    danelle said:
    May 27, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    pretty sure he was cryin in that one picture cuz he knows his daddy is gonna make him be a patriot fan. poor baby, i would cry too.

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